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  1. Ok. You mean buy from others or new for half price? So nice... you are lucky. I just wish to try PKM and its speed, however, not sure about the weight and feeding yet
  2. Do you think about A&K PKM? Would be released soon. I learn from other forum mentioned about the speed and price almost the same as A&K M60. I think the looks nicer and more solid.
  3. Crispy. I am sure it is a PKM displayed model only. Even the wiring is not well-prepare and put in properly based on Evike photo. It is a metal made and 1st time color spraying effect very ugly looks, right? However, I think next month in HKTDC Toys exhibition, Hong Kong would display out. A&K got a few models based on other forum information.
  4. Cyma made. What do you think about the price range when launched in USA market?
  5. Any other ACM which is not clone? Please stated. Thank you Zemanova. What do you mean AK47 comes to the dead trees? No more popular or else?
  6. you do know that you can multi quote in one post don't you?. you just click quote for every post you wish to quote and then go to the bottom of the thread and hit add reply, and then you can address each persons quote individually in one post Bro. I try to click Quote, but it show red color and - (negative) icon. Well, next time if I used reply and cut my previous message is that ok? Thank you for your advise. Newbie hope moderator understand me. I am not a spammer. Kooler. In order you want to buy gas gun, please don't buy ACM built. ALL gas gun got rubber problem. They outsource to get from Japan. However, due to the previous supplier factory shut down, it makes hard to get a reliable ones. AEG still alright. Let say, wish to get a cheaper gas gun. Taiwan made is much more better than China made. Of course, Japan will be better amongst Asia Gas Gun.
  7. BigTr33z' - Bro. I feels something good if we can have, but sometimes others budget matter. May I know about more about CQB? what is your ranking of CQB producer? Thank you
  8. Bro. have to try Galaxy G5 or MP5 before? under 150 bucks
  9. Bro, any ACM Airsoft launched in the market? Any good ACM AEG for a Real Man to get along? Pron and Pros specification of ACM AEG. Please advised. Thank you very much.....
  10. Thanks for your advise. I try to learn about the reply before I got banned by moderator.
  11. Dear psychobunny, Thank you so much for your advised. I am currently using a Mozilla firefox browser. Is it alright if I deleted all the previous quote/message before I replied the message? I hope that's alright and already followed the rules. Hopefully won't get the banned. Regarding about the 3 major items must be changed but is I depends on rifle we are using? Some AK, M5, M6 and M249 different spec, or perhaps, need to get some information for the best changes for our rifle. Then, I heard someone acknowledge that using ball-bearing to open fire. I think that's dangerous and need alot of power before you able to released the metal ball, instead of bbs. Just curiosity about other forum thread. I awaiting for Galaxy new AK47 upfront by next year. As some information leaked out, many spare part they will sell separately for the upgrade. Nowadays, I believes other brothers in the thread mentioned, nothing is cheap now but you pay what you afford to play. So many brands of AK47 and M5 or M6. Really makes blurish if read too much within the forum. Some go for a middle ACM and better one. All said his one is good; but how good? unless we really buy and tried. The enforcement of rules of the state hopefully not tighten up, if taxes more china import surely you need to pays more, or same as the price of branded product.
  12. Bro, I think this situation just like Japanese car and GM Motor. In the past, Toyota copy GM principle of car. Now, they upgrading their technology and quality. So, I think ACM airsoft same as their way. I heard a third country gonna to established the new real and airsoft gun by next 2 years in Asia. Well, awaiting for new information now.
  13. Bro. How to makes it to 80rps? Never tried before. Any secret recipe? If I am using A&K AEG 60VN or Galaxy MP5K possible to do that? Any information and engineering skill pass to me? Thanks, ya....
  14. Bro, I think you also go for ACM products, rite? How many rifles you bought this year? If got chance, please tried their 60VN. I am still figure out and asked some buddies here about modifying it. What I feels not only; the essential of design, material, rps and reliability but pretty much of the sound as well..... some ACM (forgot their name) sounds like " Tiak Tiak Tiak!!! " Really kills the mood for testing, don't even interested in shooting. First impression is always the most excited. When comes to the bored and "yuack" status, surely you will call-off. I think you know what I meant... Haa..
  15. Bro. As you mentioned about ACM getting more expensive; 1st of all, is about the transportation matter 2ndly, is about those importer. China currency, material and production cost increase about 30% from before. 3rd, so many intermediaries of ACM before reach us. I am sure, sooner or later, middleman matter would solved. Many direct into them now. However, the good thing's ACM parts mostly compatible with other model gun. Size matter only. Honestly, how many beauties you got at this moment? All modified? Which one with the fastest rps and good reliability after modified?
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