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  1. To make it a "True" MG36 (SLMG-8 now with the full stock) and for fields around me to recognize it as such it needs to be FA only. A lot of fields wont allow me to run my MG36 with the Cmag (when I had it in the original MG36 configuration) as it isnt a true "LMG.". Or so they told me, so to make it a "true" LMG I decided that Full Auto only would be the best way as this gun isnt just a G36c with a box mag but a dedicated LSW/LMG. So just take the cutoff leaver off and Im good to go? Sounds easy, is there any ill side effects from removing it? Besides the loss of Semi Auto?
  2. Hey guys, just picked up a JG SL8 for an insanely good price, anyways Ive read online that the SL8 outer barrel doesnt come off and that there is no threads. Is this true? I don&#39;t want to have to buy yet another gasblock just so I can run a suppressor but if I have to I will. Mind you my JG G36 (full size) barrel came off just fine and there were threads but I heard the SL8 isnt the same. Also I took off the ugly as sin orange flash hider but alot of the epoxy is still left over, I tried boiling it, I tried goo gone Ive tried a variety of tecniques and nothing seems to work, anyone know how to get it off? Thanks in advance! Also does anyone know how to make the gun fire in only full auto? I know I can do a mosfet but is there anything I can do woth the selector switch to make it full auto only?
  3. THats very true, but its going to be a rebrand, which means we have the possibility of it being a good product maybe? Like the PKP.
  4. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hpho...663463061_n.jpg Are you ready to see some Maschinengewehr 42 MG42 Long Range Squad Automatic Airsoft AEG by Matrix in battle? Stay tuned with Evike TV for more info. Let us what else you'll like to see developed for the world of Airsoft? (Try to like duplicates for a better report.) Sure it may be a matrix but hopefully the price is low (Which it probably won't be) and the externals are of good quality. Just thought I would let you guys know about this, if you haven't already seen it
  5. I searched and searched but couldn't find anything. If this questions is already answered just post the link to it. I wen't airsofting a few weeks ago with a buddy. Funny thing is every time I go to this course a series of bad stuff happens to me and/or my gun. So My C mag lost its battiers (Had to find an allen key because apparently mine went missing fomr my bag) one of our guns got its piston stripped, etc. (all in one day) I am in the middle of giving covering fire when my gun goes out. I thought it was the fuse and we packed up and went home. When I got home, I checked the fuse and it was still in perfect condition. So... My gearbox doesn't make a single noise when I pull the trigger, yet the batteries (tried multiple) are all good. So whats the issue? Or better yet what are all the possible issues it could be and how can I tell if its one of the issues. I plan on taking my gun apart sunday but I need to know, what it is I am doing or looking for.
  6. While I agree with you guys that both are very good factors, I however see no point in higher ROF for many reasons. When I suppress, I do it to help my team advance forward. If you have a High ROF gun, the box mag (well mine at least) would need to wind the BB's which would mean I could only do X amount per burst. And with almost any Airsoft gun that stops shooting, you see that as a window opportunity to run. let me give you an example. Gun A is Moderate ROF. Gun B is Fast ROF. Gun A is covering a bunker with 3 people in it. The fire is continuous (No dry fires) for 20+ seconds. And a small break in fire ensues. (2 seconds maximum) and the fire continues for another 20-30 seconds. What will happen (With almost any firefight) most people will not run away on the first break in fire. They wait for the second or third break. So you could have suppressed these enemies for an entire minutes before they even get the chance to move. a minute for your team to flank up is a very very very huge amount of time (As you all would know) Now same scenario with gun B. GUn B is covering the bunker but runs out of BB's after a 10 second burst. (Maybe even sooner) He has to take a small break and let the BB's "charge back up" before he can fire again. (take note, you can hear the gun dry fire, which would be a cause the enemies to know its "Safe" to run. So now the enemies only have 20 seconds of suppression compared to the 30+ seconds that could be easily delivered through the Moderate ROF gun. So personally, the gun sound means nothing to me when I am playing air soft. All I care about is if BB's are hitting near me. whether the gun is 600 RPM or 1,300 RPM, it makes no difference to me and I used that information when deciding on my ROF. Again just putting in my 2 cents and what I have encountered at my field. Each field is different so you guys obviously know better what to put on your guns. Just adding more info to the thread.
  7. So I have came up with a great way for a cheap, easily detachable suppressor for the G&G (and possibly other) UMP's. If you are like me, and do not want to spend $60+ for a suppressor that can only be used on one gun then take a look at . Sorry for the bad quality and sorry that I seem like a drunkard. It was early in the morning when I recorded it and couldn't concentrate, but you should be able to understand most of it... I hope. If you guys want, I can also take Hi-res pictures of my UMP with the suppressor if you want a more detailed look at it. Link to the suppressor: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/action-220mm-s-...k-14mm-ccw.html I hope you guys with the UMP's enjoy this because I seriously love the new look of the "integrated" suppressor on a UMP!
  8. On my MG36, I'm running a right around 750-800 RPM (12-13 RPS). For two reasons. 1. The Auto Mag (Star MG36 C mag) won't keep up with anything higher than that, it will start having feeding issues. And 2. Thats about what the real G36 fires. So it adds to the realism. I personally don't like anything higher because it starts to waste BB's since you will mainly be using your gun to suppress the enemies, there is no point in wasting 2-3x's more BB's to shoot at cover. Its just enough ROF to keep heads down too! Just thought I would put in my 2 cents.
  9. Why does everyone all the sudden love the Vintorez? I remember getting ridiculed for liking it not even 3 years ago. Anyways, I personally would not like to see it mass produced. There are companies that make them in limited quantities an make it to spec. They can be (but are not all) VERY VERY expensive but IMO, they are well worth the price. I would hate to see such a beautiful gun not be made with absolute 100% perfection, and I would hate to see everyone running them because they are mass produced. (Which everyone would because they have Full Auto and are compact.) Just my 2 cents.
  10. This. The UMP45 at standard capacity is a 25 round mag. The UMP40 and UMP9 are 30 round mags standard capacity.
  11. A UMP with a 2rd burst and full auto and Semi... I may buy on... Depending on the price, regardless of how good/bad it is. Also at $37 a mag thats incredibly cheap... Given that G&G Hi Caps are about the same price.
  12. I was thinking the same thing actually. But if it were a backup gun and not your main gun I would be more worried about the internals over the externals. :P
  13. I hear the Dboys have a better externals but the CYMA has a better internal for AK's. If I were you I would go with a CYMA AKS-74 over the Dboys... Just me though. But AK>M4. V3 is better than V2 GB's.
  14. Stock TM's will always keep their value. Any other gun will have better value if upgraded correctly. Like said before the only upgrade that would up or keep the value would be an ER-Hop. Thats about it. Anything else and the value will diminish. :) hope this helps.
  15. BS. I spent $30 on my Cmore and $40 on my NC Star. Both work perfectly for airsoft, you don't have to spend at least $50 thats complete rubbish. Liek others have said, when all is said and done, most optics will perform the same. The $100+ are for a better external quality optic that can be dropped and won't break as easily. Thats it... Its that simple.
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