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  1. This, except I would not give my money to GMR. Check out Matthews Tactical on facebook, he makes them for cheaper, and has two working designs that are pretty cool IMO.
  2. Picture album was cut short, but based on how it looks externally (and trade marks) I could see 375-450. HOWEVER, you're internals also make a major part of that. Depending the range and fps, It might knock that down, or back up.
  3. Check out the NCAO and the AOSC They are your closest and best bets for anything SC and NC related.
  4. Well, I have no idea what it is. It looks like it may be a little better quality than a chiclone.. May want to do some searching on some american tactical sites (skdtactical, lapolicegear, etc)
  5. I will echo the Mayflower fro SKD Tactical, good PC. I'm from SC, and I always think that the best colors would be a Multicam Uniform/Woodland uniform with a Ranger Green Plate Carrier, Olive Drab accents. So If you can't find the pouches you like in RG, get them OD. And holster-wise, go with the Blackhawk. I loved my old holster. And if you switch rigs as much as I do, then get the adaptors for the holster. What the adaptors do, is the male connects to the PC (Say, where the admin pouch goes) and the other male would go on your drop leg platform. The female goes onto the holster itself, so that you can switch from where you want the holster to be.
  6. Left is a Condor Spec Ops PC Right looks like.. a knockoff ASP-C US Palm PC Check AMC or ebairsoft, I think it is TMC but I can't be sure. Also, next time try to give us a little more information, and type as effectively as possible. I had to read over your 'paragraph' a few times to understand it. Spaces are your friend!
  7. BUMP Now also looking for good deals on Echo 1 M28's
  8. Hey all Ive been in the market for a Classic Army M24. And as you know, they are incredibly hard to find. If anyone can find me a deal, or has one they are willing to sell, please PM me. Trades: I do have a G&G M4 id be willing to trade for the rifle, as well as a few other guns if necessary..
  9. Hey man, not too much on here about SC, but check out the AOSC, www.southcarolinaairsoft. ya know. We can help you a lot more there.
  10. So that will fit in the AK top? And that really does suck..
  11. Well, this SHOULD be a fast and simple question. I'm looking for a stick lipo for my Real Sword 56-2 that I just purchased. I'd like to buy a cheaper, non-airsoft battery to save on price. Looking for a 7.4 2000-3500mah 35-45c, but I don't know dimensions. Probably from HobbyKing or whatever. Any help?
  12. I've heard of the Banshee, sounds pretty good. And yeah, I'm not an impressionist. Thanks!
  13. CYMA Glock, lipo, TBB, and your set. Lipo greatly increases the ROF, TBB will give you a little better range. Hopup too, but I have yet to do that
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