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  1. Hi, Our team (located in Slovenia) is organising semi-large event. And we are looking for some foreign teams to invite them. It's the first year (It's the 10th anniversary of the event) that we decided to put some real effort into inviteing foreign teams, but we lack the contact informations of European teams. So, if anyone knows a team that would like to participate in mil-sim oriented 48h scenario, please contact me. As stated above, event will take place in Slovenia (EU) on central military training grounds, our main goal is to invite people from Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Croatia... But all others are welcome too. If still interested, you can read brief "presentation" of our team: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4pcUIbZfveuREdrZXZfV1hNd2M/view?usp=sharing
  2. I'm not shure about JG, but real steel and G&P ones uses triangel handguard cap, like this one http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=30719 And if you don't want just a M16A1 install M16vn flashider too. Like this one http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=28816 note: I did not check compatibility and thread of the flashider, beware of CW or CCW threads note2: M16A1 and M16vn had one pice uper reciever -carring handle was not detachable note3: If you'd like to spend a few dollars more, buy real VN handguard from ebay, they are muuuuuch better quality than JG or G&P (both made of ABS)
  3. and the most important thing for DMR was once again forgoten. PAINTJOB! some nice -snake sking desert camo. (just my opinion) P.S. Madbull 6.01 does not jam, except if you are using surplus ammo
  4. you could go with 6.01 TBB -PDI (more expensive), Madbull (not so expensive),... (or is 6.3 some strange name for 6.01?). Changing hopup bucking and maybe unit to will also help, maybe try diferent nubs (I suggest buying several different buckings to see which one is the one -don't know how much time you are willing to give away for gun) don't forget to shim and to check AOE. Installing sorbo pads is a good idea to. It may silence gun a bit and make parts to last longer. And check that inner barrel don't wobble when firing (that was the case on my JG G36). +when gun is complete fire 1k-2k rounds, and then open gearbox again to see how well you did it :)
  5. your opinion is stated on rumors and lack of knowledge. I don't think anybody cared to read the manual. It is clearly stated: you may not remove Anti reverse latch if your motor have weak magnets. So, if you encounter any backspin just put AR back. (removing AR is "bonus") I was interested on PERFORMANCE not on price (as stated in first post, money is not such an issue), ect.
  6. except for the part that ascu will release hopup chamber, linked to the computer that will monitor bb feed, stoped firing when empty and many other goodies. And the price for me is allmost the same. 70€ in my town or 80$+shipping for Extreme-fire Evolution (why this one is not listed on extremefire frontpage? edit, it is listed on left menu, but only if you click on one of the other mosfets)
  7. The problem is that I'm allready using 7.4V lipo. I don't want to change motor, so here are only gears left. What do you think about ASCU by Airsoft Systems (2nd generation)? It have user programable modes, what extreme fire's mosfets don't.
  8. thanks for warning, I'll buy a set of bushings then too, selector chip is somewhere in my toolbox too. Lonex bushings should be okay?
  9. I wanted to loose some ROF by buying hight torque gears (and I just don't belive that G&P gears are that bad :). My stock spring guide is not bearing type, cylinder head the same, And based on my expiriences, spring do last longer with bearings (also, bearings acts as a little of spacer) selector plate broke for unknown reason. Cylinder is scratched by piston (damn piston!)
  10. okay, for now ordered: -Lonex Anti-Heat Selector Plate for M4 / M16 AEG Series -Guarder AEG Tune-Up Spring - SP100 (I really don't want to go over 400fps) -Lonex GB-01-01A Cylinder for Marui G3 / M16 /AK -X high Tech Stainless Steel Spring Guide for Ver2 must order: (I ran out of money on my prepaid mastercard) -R-hop -Lonex POM Ventilation Bearing Piston Head -maybe: Lonex Enhanced Helical Gear Set (Ultra Torque Ratio) -original m16VN handguard Mosfet unit: homemade non AB (well proven in my previous gun) Any ideas what should I do next, or that should do it?
  11. for systema I've heard the best and the worst so I don't know what to think, never used systema parts (except spring, -broken in 3months), all I need to do now is to order g hop, any idea where/how? -extreme fire mosfets are great by performance, but nothing we haven't seen allready. They are still just switches. From mosfet for 90$ I'd expect at least ROF controler and user-changable modes. Maybe it will be in next models. Basic AB mosfet I can do on my own (extreme fire mosfet diagrams are available at their site) How about deepfire titanium coated parts and other manufacturers Is stock G&P hopup chamber good enough? I was looking at X High Tech CNC'd one, but have seen mixed reviews about quality of CNC job.
  12. I want to replace piston and everything else, because, eventualy it will break (I think) and if I preserve it at this point it could be useful for spare parts +stock piston somehow scratched my cilinder, I'm loosing 2cm of good seal now because of it, same for other parts, cilinder head have just one oring, I'd like to have two of them, piston head is not ball bearing, spring guide the same. I have King Arms Hight Torque motor in stock, but I like G&P because of the new system that screws contact into motor. I allmost bought lonex/x high tech/SHS parts, but was never quite shure how good are they. For 5-10 more bucks/piece I can allmost get parts like systema, guarder,... The question is, which one will performe better. I'm building reliable sistem so spending few more bucks seems like a good idea (if they are better performer!) I wanted to keep old gears, because, they are not bad and gears are quite expensive compared to other parts, maybe I will be swaping some for higher torque (current ROF is a little bit to high for me) Selector plate just broke after first use, I don't know why :) For the mosfet, I'm looking for one that have ability to lock full auto on semi on FIELD, not in factory (our rules are: if more than 400FPS you are considered as marksman and are allowed to use only semi and min. 3x magnification). Regular mosfet I can build on my own-have complete workshop at work, I could even print circuit borad If I'd wanted. Parts are easy obtainable on digikey and other sites. I think, the main question is, how to make my rifle accurate enough, and, if possible, avoid buying new -better barrel (If buying new one would be necesery I can do it)
  13. Hy, first hello to everybody on forum, this is my first post. To business: I own a month old G&P M16vn (made from G&P CAR-15, M16vn's are all out of stock for some time now) and its time to properly take care of this beauty. I opened quite a few gearboxes, all sucessfully fixed, what I lack is knowledge of high class upgrades, so here is what I would like to achive: -limited to 400fps MAX, with Guarder 110 Spring (goal is to be as close 400FPS as possible) -Normal ROF! I perfer single or short bursts, I will be using 7.4V LiPo 30/60C -maximum range and stable BB flight, I think I'll go with .28 BBs at least. -Accuracy, basicly I want to build well performing DMR limited to 400FPS, with full auto and without scope. I'd like to hit human size target at 60meters (200ft), if possible with setup like this. What I have allready done: -Madbull 6.01 barrel -Madbull red 60 hop bucking -Opened and regresed gearbox +teflon glued cilinder head (I like testing new things). And now I'm loking for new parts, but I need some advices, money is NOT a problem as long its spend wisely. I'd like to get new: Spring guide(WITH ballberings), Spring, piston, piston head, cilinder, cilinder head and selector plate (for 8mm bushings) Most likely I will try to use R-type hopup, reviews and posts here on forum are quite amazing. And finaly, I'd like to get original, or original quality, vietnam style triangular handguard, stock one is quite cheaply made (for a decent price if possible, I allredy found one for 80$). Thank you for reading
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