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  1. I totally agree but im going to order the battery first because it takes 3 weeks or so from hobbyking from there china warehouse then ill order the t97b so ill have everything right on time for my birthday making the best gift to myself yet hah! So yeah I was just hoping someone knew of a lipo that fit or had the dimensions.
  2. This has been asked 1000 times with no clear answer and im hoping to get one, most of the time people will just say 7.4v lipo and think that is good enough. No people I need a battery not a voltage SOOO im asking this to you the people what lipo will fit in a real sword type 97b preferably one that would not need dremeling. Thank you! Links would be appreciated!
  3. still looking for the weapon that seems to be like looking for big foot.
  4. Still looking!!! help me out if you can
  5. title says all, Im looking for a realsword type 97 only, not the type 97b. The only trading I will do is cash for your gun, sorry I don't do gun trades. So anyway if you have one for sale and want it sold send me some pics of it and we can work out a deal for both of us!
  6. Like the topic says interested in buying a ASG B&T GL-06, offer would be fair and based on condition of the nade launcher no trades just cash, thanks!
  7. To describe how bad the quality is take a nice bb put it on the counter and stab it with a knife making a very large mark in it and that is basically the hailstorm .38
  8. my experience with shs motors show that on semi after a few shots they tend to heat up but the amount they heat up isnt noticeable to be honest. When I read they heat up I was taken back to a motor that would heat up so much the grip would make my hand sweat, no this is wrong and scared me away from shs motors for the longest time to describe the amount of heat they produce take your hand and touch your forehead. This is a highly general generalization not only cause body temperatures differ but because of shs motors will heat up different amounts in different setups. Example poor shimming and a strong spring and your making bacon perfect shimming and proper spring for motor and your good. Shs motors also vary on how much juice you throw at them the more the better. Sorry for the kinda off topic mumble but I like to help out new ones that are on the edge of deciding.
  9. I made it my sig I flame every post that has the word matrix in it and still people don't listen
  10. I think your question is asking why don't people use a high torque motor on standard ratio gears to get 40rps at 400 fps and increase durability instead of running 13:1 on highspeed motor and blah blah. WELL to start people do that just 14.8s are not very common in airsoft because you can get 50rps on a good 11.1 lipo. Now as for your durability question about the 13:1 gears if you get a good pair of gears like roitsc (seigetek im spelling that wrong prolly) they wont break so go ahead and use a 40rps at 400 fps, its mostly in the gear quality to be honest what you can run
  11. Literally just use an eraser and shave your hop up arm flat and glue it to the back of the arm thats literally all you have to do, or if your fancy buy /\ his nub (the m nub) which is still cheaper by a larger margin
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