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  1. hi everyone, I am trying to make my airsoft gun shoot a little faster so I was wondering if anyone has an shs high torque motor and if you also have shs high speed gears please tell me, I don't need the gears but it is a nice bonus. thanks Airsoftdecimater
  2. thanks for the advise guys I plan to actually get a tan magpul, also I already have a tango down grip, thanks again, airsoftdecimater
  3. my brother says that my G&G M4 Raider has the wrong color scheme the crane stock is tan the buffer tube is black the body is tan the mag is black or tan witch ever mag you choose the rails are black and my pistol grip is tan, my bro says that the grip should be black, I am worried about going into the motor placement but my very same brother that says the scheme was off is amazing with taking m4s apart so what do you guys think, thanks, airsoftdecimater,
  4. personally since you are not going to be running around the LMG would be the best so that you can give the team you are on support from a distance. airsoftdecimater
  5. hi every one just want to start a little discussion about anything that has to do with the jg ak47 so have some fun, debate on if the jg ak47 is better than another ak47 airsoftdecimater592
  6. both my friend and I think it is worth every penny of it, think 'bout it havn't you ever just been so frustrated that want to go out with a m4 or any other sort of weapon and kill somebody, you can do that with airsoft. P.S. one more thing airsoft allows anyone who buys it to shoot a fully-automatic weapon of mass destruction.
  7. hey guys this is my second post on this forum and I need some help finding acog sights for cheap if you have one you want to sell tell me about it. I am willing to go to about $60 or below but I need to be able to hold off a little while 'till I get the money from the transformers my bro is selling on ebay for me.
  8. gnomemurderer


    Hi everyone I am very new here. I am very exited to be a part of this forum Airsoftdecimater
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