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  1. http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/chri...m-behind-bars-2 This guy is lucky I don't live near him or I would cause hell for him.
  2. Removed. Please read the rules.
  3. Here is my thing... The MP7 I got in a trade for something I wanted to get rid of so bad. Still like the gun though. I have been thinking about playing at this indoor field because all of my other weapons (other than my M-60VN) is way to hot for CQB. Problem is, I doubt I will be playing there a lot. I was thinking about using it for a back up weapon for when I am sniping BUT I am digging the M-16A2 because I always like the looks of it and when I looked up all of the mods online for the M-16, everything looked pretty good over all. I mostly play in the field.
  4. Is this a fair or better trade for me? My TM MP7 with two mags, charger and two batteries for Hurricane M16: - Hurricane Colt M4 Metal Body - TM M16A2 Front End - Upgraded Gearbox - TM M4A1 Rearstock w/ Battery Bag or a M-16A2 fully stock - TM M4A1 Carry Handle - Systema Hop-Up - Prometheus M16A2 Tightbore - CA Pistol Grip - TM EG1000 - TM 300rd Hi-Cap
  5. How would I know if it's the bolt that's causing the problem?
  6. My A&K SVD bolt action is shooting around 200 fps. It is 2nd hand but the guy said he hardly used it. What could be wrong with it?
  7. Should I be able to see the rubber bucking though the slot for the C clamp? Any good pics of one without the clamp on?
  8. Spring. Yep they are a tad smaller but I was thinking about getting Javelin Gun Works .43 g BBs. Ya they are pricy, I have an extra scope so I am just going to get a scope mount for now.
  9. FINALLY got my hands on a A&K SVD. Love it. This is more of a dream list for what I want in it upgrade wise. Next thing I want to buy is a SVD scope. What I am looking for is maximum range with great accuracy. Leaning towards a 6.01 barrel because I am using Goldenball BBs unless there are better BBs for sniping. My question is what hop up and buckling I should get. Should I get a spring guide? Or should I keep anything stock?
  10. Is it a good idea to use the SHS high speed motor with a M120 spring?
  11. I guess the RPK is a proline. Right?
  12. The selector switch on my G3 is coming loose and it seems like it will fall off soon. How can I fix this? I hope I don't need to take anything apart :/
  13. Thinking about buying a CA RPK but I was told by a few people in my airsoft group that anything from CA is worth the cash. Is this true?
  14. The last time I tried trading something (not selling), it was removed. Do I need to do anything special?
  15. Tossed in a new motor in a Echo 1 G3 today. It worked and sounded nice (and loud) but after a bit, it started to make a pat pat pat sound but sometimes BBs were coming out. Did the motor I bought have the wrong gear ratio to my gun's gearbox?
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