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  1. This is the tenth drawing that I have ever done. It is of Chis Hemsworth as Thor from The Avengers and the Thor movies. It was done using Kneaded and hard gum erasers, 4H-8B wood pencils, a mechanical pencil with 2B lead, and a large blending stump.
  2. Just over a month ago I picked up a pencil to see how well I could draw, I am now obsessed with drawing and use most of my free time doing it. Here are some examples of my drawings. I just thought I would share this random little hobby of mine:) If you have any advice or opinions that you deem helpful, they would be appreciated.
  3. This is my M9 match pistol that I have been working on. I have had this pistol for 3+ years and it has yet to fail me. Here is a list of the current and pending upgrades. Current: Custom, feather light, 2 stage match trigger W/ reduced pull and reset distance. Custom beveled and crowned prommy tightbore. Custom R-hop style hop up mod W/ modified firefly bucking. Brass plated internals, mag catch contact point, and remodeled sears to allow for shorter hammer strike distance. Stronger trigger, mag catch. and recoil springs to allow for harder kick, more secure mag hold, and faster trigger response. Reduced chamber size to allow for lower FPS at higher pressures. Redesigned safety mech for more secure lock. Pending: RA-tech steel barrel(probably the M93r style one). Copper nickel and (eventually) chrome plating. Functional chamber indicator. Fiber optics installed in the sights. Magnets to replace most of the springs for more consistent specs. IPSC holster and hag holders. Thumb rest. Houge grips. Possibly some etching. Skeletonized hammer. Strategic cuts and Teflon type coating to prevent cool-down. Current specs(tested in windless conditions <AT> 80 degrees w/ external propane rig to ensure consistent pressure): Accurate to 1' groupings at 260". Effective cycle rate of 47 RPS. Able to dump 75 rounds in 30 seconds with only a 10 FPS drop. 345 FPS +/- 3 Fps. .5 second trigger response time. The base pistol is a KWA M9 tactical. Does anyone have any recommendations, critiques, or suggestions? Also what do you think about selling custom pistols like this on forums/ebay?
  4. I second that, being the owner of 3 AUGs(having worked on 6), I can tell you that they are NOT easy to work on. I would recommend that you first try a G36/AK/M4 build to understand the specific gremlins associated with high fps setups. If you want that high of FPS+bbps increase, than I would recommend an 11.1v 1600+mah lipo, G&P M170 motor, SHS 27:1 gears, and LOTS of DIY mods(practice on different guns first).
  5. I personally use SHS gears in my builds, and I have never had a set break on me they are fantastic. You defiantly want a fuse with that. I would try the 3-d printed hop up. Also I would be a bit concerned about the GB shell breaking under an m140.
  6. I generally do not recommend the ebb systems. They cause more wear on the GB and generally have proprietary parts, I much prefer the TM recoil shock systems. That being said, if you are going to get an EBB, G&G is the way to go. G&G has a pneumatic blow back design that is much more reliable and compatible than others. With the G&G design's compatibility, the stated parts should be perfectly fine.
  7. This thread makes me wish I didn't already have a sidearm.
  8. No, the problem was still there with the original tappet.
  9. I have a cyma m14 that has the following upgrades: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=27636 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=26500 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=25958 A G&G m130 spring Guarder tappet plate SHS spring set Guarder ball bearing spring guide CA high tourqe motor G&G AR latch. All the other parts are stock. Now the problem is that it is spitting out about 220 fps with .20 gram bbs. It has perfect compression, the hopup is not stuck, ripped, or turned on, the piston and gear teeth are fine, the tappet plate is brand new, there are no cracks in the hop-up or cylinder head, and there are no scratches or debris in the barrel. These are the things that I know aren't the problem: The cylinder-piston head-cylinder head-air nozzle compression(used tackett's thread as a guide) The spring The gearbox placement The gear timing A dirty bucking A stuck hop-up nub A backwards hop-up clip(I have actually had a buddy send me a gun for this) A poorly done mod(so far it hasn't had any diy mods yet) The nozzle spec(still has the problem with the stock nozzle) The tappet plate(has a guarder plate) The only problem that I could think of is that the hop-up bucking that is too loose. Could that be the problem? So, almighty gods of ASF, what is my issue?
  10. It is compatible with the kwa m11a1 ns1 parts. They can be had at the kwa pro shop.
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