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  1. I'd put KJW way above the Well, but go for the G&G G96 if that's what you meant.
  2. I'm a bit at a loss- you're saying the gauge doesn't reset even when disconnected? Have you taken apart the regulator and checked the O rings?
  3. eBay quickly pulls KWA Glocks for trademark violation (even without trademarks >.< ) so he could have been desperate to sell it before it was removed.
  4. I recently sold my cheapy sniper and shipped it UPS in the original box without any coverings. They didn't even bat an eye.
  5. They also have 3 actual storefronts. Completely legit.
  6. Blame Tokyo Marui for picking it as their first.
  7. This is HUGE. I remember how much it helped when I was new to get direction from experienced players. Once I got better, I was able to give the same helpful directions to new players that improved their game.
  8. Orange tip policies aside, here's the info you were looking for: G&G G96's are shipped in the states with a solid 1 piece outer barrel (no threaded cap). The orange is painted on the end, so you'll need to use chemicals to remove it, or paint/tape over it. I am attaching a mock suppressor to mine, but to do so I have hacksaw'd down the barrel, and am modifying a threaded adapter to fit.
  9. I was going to say.. I'm pretty sure Polarstar already reinvented the airsoft rifle by doing this. I'm looking forward to more gearbox versions being released!
  10. Gonna be making a real website? Looking forward to checking it out.
  11. What if you go to AEX and talk to them about some sort of partnership. They can relocate and get a bigger store, and help bring business to the arena behind it.
  12. This idea sounds cool, too, but I think it's important to remember safety > realism. I'd love to have fast-roping in the windows from the roof of the warehouse, but omginsurance :P
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