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  1. Troy M4 is sold. XM177 is sold. G&P MK18 Mod 1 is still available as is the G36 stock. BUMP
  2. Seller's Rules. I deal with paypal only. I ship from Southern California using USPS. I will not be responsible for USPS handling or anything that happens AFTER you receive the item, but I am understanding and generally easy to work with. Only trades are for TM Recoil Shock parts or PTW parts. Prices have a little room for leeway but obviously don't lowball. G&P MK18 MOD 1 Includes: Daniel Defense Mk18 rail system Battlecomp flashhider Magpul lower Magpul pistol grip Magpul AFG PEQ15 Eotech 553 fully functioning w/ batteries KAC rear site Vltor Imod stock Like new VFC gearbox Madbull Blue Bucking Tm Hop Includes a few M4 midcaps and a 7.4v lipo battery Lookng for 265 shipped Next up is a custom 13" Troy TRX build. It includes: Madbull Troy 13 inch rail system Magpul Moe grip Black PEQ box Night Evolution M600 Thorntail offset mount Night Evolution dual switch Spikes le stock Magpul RVG Internally it doesn't function but just needs some TLC. Includes a Prometheus 6.03mm barrel that has been flathopped. Will throw in some random goodies I have. 265 shipped. CA XM177 Includes: Carry handle rail Aimpoint with low L mount (needs new batteries) XM177 flashhider G&P Gearbox Bravo helical gears Raptors full metal piston Silent type head Echo max torque motor EDGI 6.01 barrel Prowin hop up. This one comes with 7 MAG VN style midcaps Looking for 285 shipped. ARES G36 KV style stock Took it off of my G36 KV brand new and it hasnt been used since. Looking for 35 shipped.
  3. CYMA AK SOLD. TM P226 E2 175 shipped. Maruzen L96 is 175 shipped.
  4. WTS: High End Guns No trades, going off to college and could use some cash in my wallet. Prices include shipping and I deal only through paypal in cases of shipping. Pick up would be around 10 - 15 dollars cheaper and would be in 92373 CA. VFC HK416. Gun is stock with gearbox seal and has been taken out less than 3 times since purchased. Like new condition. Includes the original hi cap magazine, original HK iron sights and two Magpul EMAGs (three if I can find the third one). 320 shipped. VFC Daniel Defense M4 with Omega X FSP rail system. Gun is stock with GB seal and has seen around 7.5k rounds through the gun. Externally its in 7.5/10. Does not come with the acog but comes with backup iron sights, one midcap and four PMAGs. 260 shipped. TM P226 E2, New, taken outside for show in Safariland holster, fired indoors about two mags worth. Comes with original box, paper, and manuals as well as another mag. Brand new inside and out. 185 shipped. Echo 1 Covert "PMC" AK build. Gun has Madbull Red bucking to improve accuracy and consistency as well as deans connectors to increase the rate of fire and electrical efficiency. Rifle also has an Ultimak gas tube rail system to mount optics such as the micro red green dot that is included with the gun. Additionally included is a Madbull .45 ACP barrel extension. Comes with one AK74 style hi cap magazine. 140 shipped. Maruzen L96. Was upgraded with PDI parts including: PDI piston PDI spring guide PDI cylinder head PDI teflon cylinder PDI hop up unit Also has Maruzen OG bipod and 3x9x40mm scope with rings. Its missing spring and inner barrel (accepts any aeg barrel to function.) Looking for 200 shipped.
  5. Next time, for future reference, do not quote the entire for sale post, including all the photos. Also, don't necropost, this thread is over a year old and I sold this a long time ago. Admins, you can lock this thread.
  6. Important information: 1. All prices include shipping 2. I ship only to CONUS or Int. with shipping compensation. 3. I do not accept returns or exchanges 4. No part outs unless I have a buyer for everything. 5. All payments must be done through PayPal 6. Prices are relatively firm, but I am willing to negotiate 7. Feel free to PM me with any other offers or questions WTS Multicam JPC in medium w/ pouches $315 shipped. Known everywhere for it durability, lightweight and innovative design, the Jumpable Plate Carrier by Crye Precision, is IMO the best carrier for the money. Beats out my Shellback Banshee, APC and others by miles. This package deal comes with all of the following: Tactical Tailor Triple Shingle (holds three individual mags) Tactical Tailor horizontal GP pouch (includes MALICE clips) Tyr Tactical 50oz hydro (bladder not included) Custom FDE kydex thunder B holster ATS radio pouch No chems, patches, other pouches or accessories included. Will not part unless everything is accounted for. No trades unless it is a Crye AVS or CPC (I would add cash to compensate.)
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