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  1. So I went to a new-to-me field today, and boy, it was probably my worst experience at any field. The techs were not helpful at all, and could care less about the players. Once I finally got to talk to a tech that cared, we discussed my problem and he thinks my ARL spring was worn down, and he gave me a new one. I need to break down the gun and pop it in. Hopefully that will do the trick. I had some time earlier to work on the gun, and I messed with the selector plate, and made sure the screws were all tightened around the GB but the trigger still sticks. In other news, I think my contacts need to be cleaned, because the gun only fires when it wants to. Some times you pull the trigger and it shoots, others it doesn't. I've checked my wiring and all seems good, and I've removed all the tamiyas and added deans. I heatshrunk the motor slide ons to prevent anything from touching the grip. And I finally have a functional safety now. So, now I head off to take the GB apart, and hopefully everything will work once I close it. I just really hope the internals aren't torn to shreds or anything from the previous owner or I might break down. Below is a video about the trigger sticking problem. I took this early on in the day, the safety is now fixed, but the trigger still sticks in semi, also when in semi, the gun fires once, but not again. I didn't have anyone to help me record, so I didn't get to record it with a battery in. http://youtu.be/oxtoi4J6xdQ Edit: The gun does not even have the ARL, that could be a huge reason why it was back cycling. My question is, are KWA AR latches a proprietary part or can I drop any v3 ARL in?
  2. Well everybody, It seems someone wants me to keep the gun. Today, I get a email from KWA telling me that the part was out of stock, and to call back in a few weeks. (Which I have already been told). Disappointingly, I walk out to the mailbox as usual and there is a package from KWA with the lower receiver in it. I'm not entirely sure who at KWA missed that one, but I have the LR now. The gun is semi working, I posted a thread in the AEG section with my problem, but it's to late right now to try to correct it. Tomorrow I'll see if the local field tech has a clue, and if not, next week will be the fixer upper week for this gun.
  3. Just got off work, and its to late to start dry firing the gun. Tomorrow morning I'm heading out to a local field. If I get a chance, I'll show it to the tech and see if we can figure out the problem. If not, once I get a chance I'll get a video up for everyone to see. While I'm at the field tomorrow, I'll see if I can borrow a lipo for testing, to see if it still does it. I'll post results tomorrow when I can.
  4. That was a 9.6v 5000mah ni-mh. I don't own any lipos.
  5. My KWA G36 seems to be having a problem. When I pull the trigger on semi, sometimes it shoots and the trigger locks back, sometimes you just hear it half cycle and the trigger locks back. On full auto, it will go fine, but when you release the trigger, you can feel the motor jumps. Upon further inspection, it seems like the gears are doing a slight rotation backwards until it hits the ARL. This gun is brand new to me, I bought it used and am unsure of what has been done to it. The motor has been upgraded to a Matrix Turbo. I can't really find a way to describe it anymore, but I hope someone understands what I mean. Please help! I'd love to field this tomorrow.
  6. Are they a decent G36? I was interested in the ICS one, because I've never had a problem with ICS's. Also, they have the built in m4 magwell, and I have over 20+ m4 magazines. I'd much rather have the gun that was built for the M4 mag, than buying the add on which only some mags work on. I know they have some prop. parts, but atleast they are parts you can find, unlike this KWA receiver.
  7. I've talked with KWA over the past two days multiple times. The answer I kept getting was "Try checking back with us in a FEW weeks" when I asked how long is a "few" they said at least 6-8 weeks. I've posted things on about 20 buy/sell/trade groups, and multiple forums with no hits, except some guy trying to sell me his entire g36, for $250. No thanks, because if something goes wrong again, it won't be a easy fix. So, I'm on the fence about what to do. I can keep playing with a friends gun, or buy a new one. I've looked at the ICS G33's, and I really like them and from my KWA I've discovered that I like how the platform feels when maneuvering. But, on the other hand I've got a dream plan of an M14, but I tend to be impatient which isn't the best thing when it comes to a DMR and I'd spend much more than I want to. So, I think after this weekend, if I have no luck with finding a LR, I'll either be buying a new gun, or just waiting. I really don't know at this point. If I were to part it out, I'm not sure where to do so. I don't have the sales power on here, so it would have to be through Buy/sell/trades and local fields.
  8. Hey all, Looking to pick up a lower receiver for a KWA G36. KWA was out of stock, and none of the local shops have them. I'll cover shipping costs, Just give me a price on the item but don't be ridiculous! Just for clarification, the LR part that the gearbox/trigger assembly sits in.
  9. So just figure out what BB's get me around 340fps and stick with those? And the motor works. The gun isn't full assembled as I'm waiting on a LR, but I've tested it.
  10. Not sure why I'm unable to edit my previous post, but I'll just cover a few things here. I'm looking for a nice field gun (nice range, decent ROF). Should I replace the tk twist barrel? Also, should I purchase a longer barrel? Secondly, are the Matrix Turbo motors any good? If not, what motor should I replace it with (Short type)?
  11. Hey All, I just purchased a used KWA G36C. It came with some problems, and some upgrades but I'm unsure if you actually would call the upgrades "Upgrades". So, I'm here for some help! The gun cannot be full reassembled right now, so I can't vouch for the validity of most of the parts right now. This gun will be a field ranged gun, so I'm looking for a nice range, a long with a nice ROF but nothing insane. I need a lower receiver, which I plan on purchasing from KWA's proshop tomorrow. As the gun's LR was in about 15 pieces when I disassembled the gun properly. The gun came with a TK Twist Barrel, I believe stock G36 length, as nothing protrudes from the outer barrel. Are these any good? Or does it need to be replaced? The stock motor is not there, and it has been replaced by a "Matrix Turbo". I know matrix products tend to be a hit or miss, so which does this fall under? Is there anything that needs to be changed in the gun, besides these? I've never owned a KWA and am unsure if there is a reoccuring weak point in the guns. Thanks in advance!
  12. I checked there shop earlier, and it wasn't there. I didn't even think to call. They may be closed though, I'll check. Edit:Closed weekends, and holidays. Won't be able to call till Tuesday.
  13. I bought a used kwa g36c yesterday. The lower receiver is broken in about 10 pieces and needs replacing. Could anyone find anywhere that carries them? I've searched for 3 hours now with no luck. I've become so frustrated that I may have just missed it. Thanks in advance.
  14. To those who are along for the ride, I picked up the gun. The externals are in really nice cosmetic condition. I ran into a major problem though, I removed the lower reciever to check the motor, and the reciever crumbled into about 10 pieces. That needs to be replaced, the trigger is fincky as sometimes it locks back and you have to pull it forward to unlock it. The motor is a matrix 3000, and the gun was shooting pretty slow (rps wise). The motor adjustment plate is missing the adjustment screw but a new reviever will replace that. Also, upon removal of the LR, a variety of screws, and peices fell out. I am unsure of where they go, but im not in the best place to do a complete stripdown right now. I didn't get rounds through it yet, but I dry fired it a few times just to check my deans connection I soldered on. As of right now, I think I need a new lower receiver, and a new motor? I can't find a receiver anywhere, any ideas of where to try?
  15. Alright. I'll plan on getting a new tbb once I actually have the gun in my possession. I should be picking it up saturday or sunday.
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