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  1. TonyG332

    WTB hk 416

    I would like a full metal hk416, with the ability to add a longer barrel and adjustible stock. a boneyard gun would be great. as for price I would like to keep it under 200 with shipping.
  2. TonyG332

    WTS: AGM 416/614 like new

    is this offer still on the table?
  3. is the jg 614 full metal? and does the barrel unscrew to be able to add a longer one?
  4. TonyG332

    Hk 416

    I've checked a lot of websites and the cheapest one I found is http://www.uncompany.com/ you have to search hk 416 for it to come up, the AGM mp052 I believe comes up on a long list and is priced at $136. I think thats a good deal idk what shipping is but it cant be too bad. what is your experience with this website. right now they are look like they are the best option.
  5. TonyG332

    Hk 416

    Yeah I noitced is there any other chinese websites out there? im not really familiar with them but I figure they are worth looking in too.
  6. Im looking for a place to find a full metal Hk 416 aeg. Im not looking for something expensive an agm or jg would work but all the websites I find are sold our or want outrageous prices do you know of any other websites thatll have it at a good price, or even a boneyard one would be great.