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  1. I'm rigging up 1.375" stainless tubing to use as a mock suppressor, but I want it firmly attached. How can I go about doing this?
  2. How much you want? Would you be interesting in a trade for a KJ Works 1911 in olive drab?
  3. Well I guess I'm set on the TM Mk.23. Is it spring powered or AEG or gas nonblowback?
  4. My KJ Works gas blow back 1911 is far to loud to shoot in my back yard. So, I'm looking to sell it, and downgrade to something of much less FPS, with low noise, and high accuracy #1 priority. Are Spring powered guns usually quieter than Green Gas/ CO2? I don't need semi-auto, just a quiet, accurate BB gun. I'd be fine with a single shot pellet gun, but those are waaaay too loud. Any suggestions?
  5. Nope. The mechanism uses roughly the same amount each burst. Ambient temperature will affect how much shots you get, as well as how cold the magazine gets, and how rapidly you fire.
  6. Well, what is the exact model of your 1911-styled gun that uses CO2? Is it even airsoft? Could be a .177 repeater pellet gun, you didn't specify anything about the gun, therefore we have no way of telling you you can get a Green Gas/ Propane magazine for it.
  7. Yeah it's not like you need a $500 "sniper rifle" BB gun.
  8. what if you hold the slide while shooting a GBB airsoft bb gun? By preventing the slide from operating, I know it will not cycle the next BB into the chamber, but will more gas push the BB, and increase velocity? Wondering if anyone has done this, I have no plans to. ~Thanks
  9. oh nooooo a 1/4" piece of plastic ruins that entire guunnnnnnn. Your BB gun looks like a BB gun. Better write a review on airsplat and demand your parents money back.
  10. Even for "snipers", 3x magnification is a LOT. I'd get a red dot or just use the open sights. It'd make more sense to mount a decent scope on a daisy red ryder than a "bolt action soft air sniper rifle"
  11. woweee sounds like you paid a lot of money for a silly BB gun that doesn't work. My $10 springer from a 99 cent store still works and is pretty accurate with .28 gram BBs.
  12. competition grade design, materials, and overall quality. Same reason competition .22LRs cost more than AR15, and the matchgrade .22LR rounds cost almost as much as big rifle rounds. For airsoft? Idk, I guess they're a lot more complicated than firearms, that's for sure. If I was building a race style pistol, It'd have to be NON blow back, and use at least .25-.28 gram BBs for sheer accuracy, and fitted with a nice red dot and a light <1lb trigger. Trigger should be in ounces.
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