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  1. Let me know what you have. Paypal at hand. Thanks. Must be in working order. Normal wear is ok but must specify. Also, please PM me, as I do not check these forums often.
  2. Also, please do not tamper anything as of this point and keep it the way you received it. If you have anyway modified it, Paypal will not side with you
  3. Then go get that and don't thread crap in other people's thread. Next time PM him.
  4. Hump! Someone's gotta have one..that they want to sell!
  5. IF you have one, please PM me doesnt matter if it's -/+
  6. Name a reasonable price and we can work something out. Extra mags are a plus but not needed. .35 per round is too expensive to be driving to the range. Any color is ok since it's just for retention and training. Let me know what you have. PM works best
  7. I can attest to this. He's a liar, manipulator, and will try to cheat you out of your money. He needs to be banned.
  8. If I ever had a child.. he would look like that
  9. Normal A2 style is fine. I don't mind if it's plastic or orange either, but the nicer the better. Like wise that the cheaper I can get it, the better. I've depleted a lot of my airsoft stuff, but I do still have a Magpul Midcap left so just offer up. I always have paypal at hand
  10. Paypal ready. I want at least two cores with at least 5 shells. Offer up please! :)
  11. This is illegal and is also not permitted on this website. You can not simply ship a firearm to a person's house. Please delete this thread before you get in trouble with the law.
  12. Lol there's a funny story about that. I went into academy to look for some ammo, and found that they had 2 M&P15-22s in stock ( I had been looking for this gun but picked it up at another Academy just the other day). To test out their customer service, I left the store, and decided to give them a ring. A person picks up and I ask her if she has any 15-22's in stock. Without any hesitation or pause she answers no-bluntly. She had just lied to me, and this shot my trust for Academy out the window. It's like they are trained to pick up the phone and say no. My advice is personally go into the store and look for yourself.
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