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  1. 70D Sorbo? The heck is that? lol sorry, newbie here. What does AoE mean by the way?
  2. Currently, my JG V2 Metal Gearbox uses a Guarder 120 spring. Can I use Guarder 130 or Guarder 140 without putting any damage to the gearbox shell? I know I have to replace other parts, but what about the gearbox? What Guarder spring should I limit myself to so that the gearbox won't break, crack, etc.?
  3. I know this may have been asked numerous times before, but I can't find any thread related to it. Guys my JG M4 fires 420 FPS with 0.2g? what will be the FPS with 0.25g bbs?
  4. Wow really? what is its ROF with a Turnigy 11.1V LiPO 20-30C and stock motor? Is the ROF still pretty decent? Also you said to use the stock GB until it breaks. Did it happen to you before with your SP140? and what do you mean that I radius the corners of the cylinder window?...
  5. Guys I have a TU-130 gear set (TU stands for Tactical Unlimited). Can it handle a Guarder 140 spring? Or do I need to upgrade my gears again?... Also if I shimmed, used metal bushings, and switch to a half teeth piston body, can it handle the 140? My motor is the stock JG motor. Do I need to replace it? Do I need a reinforced V2 Gearbox or can my stock metal JG V2 Gearbox handle it? Need help asap. Thnx
  6. Guys I have a pair of desert tan belleville boots. They've gotten a bit dirty due to use in... muddy terrain. Can I use detergent on them (mr clean) or what do I do to clean em? thnx
  7. Guys I have a JG M4 CQBR with a stock motor and a Guarder 120 spring. I have a Turnigy 2.2mah 20-30C battery. How many shots do I have for my rifle? Do I have 2200 shots or 4400? Help much appreciated. Guys, I'm thinking of replacing my JG M4 CQBR's Plastic Body. A guy's selling an A&K M4 S-System Metal Body at a cheap price. Anything I should know about A&K Metal Bodies? Also, can I still use my CQBR Outer Barrel instead of the S-System Outer Barrel? Help needed ASAP.
  8. K guys, the wiring for my battery goes to the stock of the gun. I'm planning on changing to a MOE stock. I know that I have to buy a new trigger assembly to make the wires go to the front assembly, but where do the battery wires come out of the receiver?... My gun's a JG M4 CQBR and I want to make it use an anpeq battery box, but that's the problem: I don't know where the battery wires come out of the receiver. HELP PLEASE!
  9. ummmm... acm shop? what's that? do they sell only the latch?
  10. Guys do you know of a cheaper m4 upper and lower receiver that has a tactical latch when you buy it? A TacLatch like this:
  11. ummm.. RB, I can't view it. there's an error of some sort. :/
  12. that's the big problem: its a jungle out there. movement is harder as the more veteran players can easily zero in on your position if you make too much sound. the plants, the grass, its all over the place. any jungle warfare tactics?
  13. will definitely keep that in mind. thank you Dante. any more advice on teamwork?
  14. noted. the thing is, we're gonna be an all newbie team that's gonna train together. other teams won't let us join them because we're newbies. minimum of two years airsoft experience to join the last group I checked out. I mean, its not like we're gonna join them in tournaments or anything at this early stage. by the way, what do you think? its the new group logo I came up with.
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