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  1. Hi guys, so I have a problem with my G39 The bolt will not lock back either after the last round has been fired, or when and empty mag is in and the charging handle is pulled back. I have heavily oiled it with silicon oil from a spray can, and tightened the flathead screw just enough that it does not hinder the spring. Sometimes when I pull the charging handle back with an empty mag in it will lock back, but will go back forward when the mag is released. Anyone know the fix to this?
  2. Is rubbing alcohol safe for use on hop up buckings?
  3. How do you clean a pistol length TK Twist innerbarrel? Is it just like cleaning a regular barrel? Also what hop up rubber is best used with the TK Twist?
  4. So I take each wire, cut off the insulation and desolder the existing metal thing currently soldered on Then attach solder to each Gold motor connector to each wire? The motor already has the tabs on it to attach the connector right? And I just attach the positive to where the positive normally goes?
  5. I can get prometheus gold plated ones, should I get those? And how would I attach them to the motor, just solder them on?
  6. So as I was disassebmling my G&P sentry, and removing the motor, I unscrewed the screws which hold the red and black wire to the motor. The screws are normally attached to the wires, so they will stay on. The screws are now on their own, with the wires having no way of being attached to the motor. Any tips on how to attach the screws back to the wires? Or is there a more efficient solution like replacing the wiring and motor..
  7. Will I have to by an armorers wrench to get it off? Or is there another way?
  8. Hey guys So I have basically stripped my G&P Sentry to just the gearbox in the lower receiver. I cannot seem to get the buffert tube off. I already took the long screw out of it. Does anyone know what to do?
  9. http://i1172.photobucket.com/albums/r576/d...rren/photo1.jpg This is what happens.
  10. Hey guys, so basically I was wondering if anybody with a Marui PX4 has encountered this problem When I rack the slide back without a magazine the loading nozzle goes all the way back, like normal. But when I do rack the slide with a mag of BB's, the laoading nozzle will stick forward, ive noticed that this causes less gas to be used. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Hey guys so I recently put a Shooters Design slide onto my Marui PX4 Everything is stock and alright IT is just that when I rack the slide, it is not smooth at all and takes a bit of work. Does anyone know what I need to sand/grind down to make the slide run smoother? Thanks
  12. The mechbox spacer is the thing you unscrew for the mechbox to fall out, correct?
  13. How do you stop the gearbox from shifting back? Also how do you get the motor cage open..
  14. oh ok actually I was wondering what lonex compression parts would fit would parts for the p90 fit? or would it have to be m4 parts?
  15. Hello everyone I have my gearbox out of my G&G F2000 and I have all the screws out. The only problem is there is a black plate holding the two shells together and I don't know how to get it out. Im afraid of breaking it. Does anyone know how to proced from here? A video or pictures would be much appreciated Thanks !
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