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  1. Will the smart charger charge small type batteries?
  2. Wow, thats a good looking M4. It looks like a red dot might be the way to go. It certainly makes the gun look way better without that carrying handle. I'm also thinking about just getting a rear flip up sight instead since its cheaper and I'm not too serious about airsoft....yet
  3. Actually, a paintjob might do the trick. how do you paint tigerstripe? Or any other scheme for that matter. Any Ideas for a better looking front handguard? It's my least favorite part... And by cheap I meant in the $50 dollar range. I wont even bother with the link... It was hard enough to put it in in the first place...
  4. I got my airsoft gun a while ago. Its a JG M4A1 (http://http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_in...cts_id=2108.com) and I hate the way it looks. What are some cheap and relatively easy ways to modify the looks of my gun?
  5. I'm not sure that I need to... I haven't bought the handguard yet but I was talking to Star_Folder and he tried it on one of his guns. he said that the onley problem was that the handguard was too long.
  6. I'd like to put a MagPul PTS MOE M4 handguard on my JG M4A1 but the outer barrel is slightly too short to fit it. Is there a guide to replacing the outer barrel on a M4A1? And what outer barrel should I use? Are there any other solutions to my problem?
  7. Lol, but then wouldn't the fine for each law be a dollar?
  8. So just owning a silencer in general is illegal? Even if its not on a firearm? That's ridiculous...
  9. Why would this apply to airsoft guns? A firearm "expels a projectile by means of an explosive" Airsoft guns use air to shoot bbs not explosives...
  10. The magpul handguard has places for rails to go right? If so could someone link me to the rails that would go on there? Or can accessories mount directly onto the handguard? And thanks guys for the helpful answers.
  11. I was looking at a magpul handguard, the "MagPul PTS MOE M4 Handguard" Does anyone know if this will fir onto a JG gun? And how can I tell what kind of delta ring I have?
  12. I own a JG M4A1 and id like to put a vertical forgrip on it. to do this I need to have a rail system but my gun didnt come with one. The battery is stored in the handguard so I don't know if I can put on a RIS system. Any suggestions as to what to do?
  13. So, it turns out my dad used to play a lot of paintball and he has a dye i3 I can use. It seems like a nice mask. Thoughts? Also does anyone know how long the JG G36c is? I know its a sub-carbine so it should be about the right size for me but I can't seem to find measurements.
  14. Alright, I was just looking as some save phace masks and after reading the reviews it sounds like they have some fogging problems. Are there any good ways to fix that? it doesn't sound like thermal lenses work that well...
  15. Ok, ill look at the save phace masks then. If I'm going to play do I need some kind of optic or will iron sights suffice?
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