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  1. no Shell mag, has 20 rd mag similar to maruzen / G&P The cyma are obviously 3 x better being tri-barrel... and price. But the CA would be better in range and accuracy... once you can mount a scope on it... lol. I've had a little test play with these new CA models and they seem well built. Just will be a narrow market for any single shot shotgun. Perfect for left handed snipers for example.... ;)
  2. New shotguns on show in HK CA Shop. Single shot with a 20 rd mag 1.9J Premium real wood and polymer fixtures. Maybe Compatibility with Maruzen \ G&P. Seems well made, although not my cup of tea. High powered plinker maybe. lol.
  3. I seem to have a folding stock fetish my self... ICS G33 for AEG.... or GHK G5 for GBB. or even a ISSC Scar.
  4. Thank you for your opinion, but sadly due to your post count your comments don't carry much weight. This seems at least like a good idea then, but only if the consumer believes everything they are being told. There is no proof, or accountability anywhere in the process. Also note, some sites have stopped selling mystery boxes, I wonder why? This would ok, if the items you have paid for are actually that valuable. When in reality that foregrip you got listed at $9.95 was actually brought for $2.90 wholesale and only actually cost $0.90 to manufacturer. eg: everyone is getting ripped off everyday. I think the biggest mistake a consumer can make is... "the corporation is your friend" and your lucky cause today we want to give you something for free. again thank you for your opinion . Maybe we can hear from someone that has actuality experience it for good or bad.
  5. forgive my noobness. no deer here. ;) googling it I see that now... but can't see why? at a guess I would say its law? or got to give the deer a chance... lol Please educate me on the term. TY.
  6. looks great... although I would prefer some form of stock. and yes... its not hard blurring the lines... just avoid talking to the rs purest about it lol. I got to use this rental for a couple days in a 6 days of training with the NBI... sadly being the noob of the group I was given the runt of the litter model with no rear sight. so lucky... I had my airsoft scope with me. Although its a little weird using a scope for some of the drills when the target is only 5m in front of you. lol still,... better than shooting with no rear sight.
  7. lol, what do you think the RS community would do if they ever found out... lol. Due to the industry repercussions, (least of all a close friend could get fired) I'm gonna have to keep mum on that one. But don't worry, its probably something your not using and even if you were and knew it, it probably wouldn't change anything.
  8. I still don't know what term to use... as stock... doesn't really work for me ether. Model A is "Stock" 6.08 barrel, 7mm bushings, Model B is "Stock" 6.03 barrel, 9mm bearing bushings, silver coated wired mosfet and QD gearbox. Just doesn't sound fair for something that obviously "seems" better. ok.. you win... I will never use "pre-upgraded" again. And I'm not defending there history, as nor would I be blaming modern nazi's for ww2. But saying all there products from one company are shyt forever and ever is just saying the company has never evolved and improved there products, which is just untrue. Being given a shyt meal / service in a restaurant, doesn't mean I will never return. As I have worked in the food industry previously myself and well aware of simple changes have great effect. like salt! lol. Maybe 2 shyt meals / service, and then I would give never returning great consideration. But as always, everyone experiences and opinions are different, we can agree to disagree, so thank you for yours. And for those with there popcorn... lets just leave the final wording to the expert... I'm a modern man, A man for the millennium, Digital and smoke free. A diversified multicultural postmodern deconstructionist, Politically anatomically and ecologically incorrect. I've been uplinked and downloaded. I've been inputted and outsourced. I know the upside of downsizing. I know the downside of upgrading. I'm a high tech lowlife. A cutting edge state-of-the-art bi-coastal multitasker, And I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond. I'm new wave but I'm old school, And my inner child is outward bound. I'm a hot wired heat seeking warm hearted cool customer, Voice activated and biodegradable. I interface from a database, And my database is in cyberspace, So I'm interactive, I'm hyperactive, And from time-to-time, I'm radioactive. Behind the eight ball, Ahead of the curve, Riding the wave, Dodging a bullet, Pushing the envelope. I'm on point, On task, On message, And off drugs. I got no need for coke and speed, I got no urge to binge and purge. I'm in the moment, On the edge, Over the top, But under the radar. A high concept, Low profile, Medium range ballistic missionary. A street-wise smart bomb. A top gun bottom feeder. I wear power ties, I tell power lies, I take power naps, I run victory laps. I'm a totally ongoing bigfoot slam dunk rainmaker with a proactive outreach. A raging workaholic. A working ragaholic. Out of rehab, And in denial. I got a personal trainer, A personal shopper, A personal assistant, And a personal agenda. You can't shut me up, You can't dumb me down. 'Cause I'm tireless, And I'm wireless. I'm an alpha male on beta blockers. I'm a non-believer and an over-achiever. Laid back but fashion forward. Up front, Down home, Low rent, High maintenance. Super size, Long lasting, High definition, Fast acting, Oven ready, And built to last. I'm a hands on, Foot loose, Knee jerk, Head case. Prematurely post traumatic, And I have a love child who sends me hate mail. But I'm feeling, I'm caring, I'm healing, I'm sharing. A supportive bonding nurturing primary care giver. My output is down, But my income is up. I take a short position on the long bond, And my revenue stream has its own cash flow. I read junk mail, I eat junk food, I buy junk bonds, I watch trash sports. I'm gender specific, Capital intensive, User friendly, And lactose intolerant. I like rough sex. I like tough love. I use the f word in my email, And the software on my hard drive is hard core, no soft . I bought a microwave at a mini mall. I bought a mini van in a mega store. I eat fast food in the slow lane. I'm toll free, Bite sized, Ready to wear, And I come in all sizes. A fully equipped, Factory authorized, Hospital tested, Clinically proven, Scientifically formulated medical miracle. I've been pre-washed, Pre-cooked, Pre-heated, Pre-screened, Pre-approved, Pre-packaged, Post-dated, Freeze-dried, Double-wrapped, Vacuum-packed, And I have an unlimited broadband capacity. I'm a rude dude, But I'm the real deal. Lean and mean. Cocked, locked and ready to rock. Rough tough and hard to bluff. I take it slow. I go with the flow. I ride with the tide. I got glide in my stride. Drivin' and movin', Sailin' and spinnin', Jivin' and groovin', Wailin' and winnin'. I don't snooze, So I don't lose. I keep the pedal to the metal, And the rubber on the road. I party hearty, And lunch time is crunch time. I'm hanging in, There ain't no doubt. And I'm hanging tough, Over and out. -GC
  9. Oh... by shunning... you mean not buying, so every time I buy KFC, I'm shunning mcd's yes ..lol. That could partly be to the general down turn in the industry over the last few years. So yes the new website would be another income stream in these leaner times. But I'm sure you would be rather surprised if your really knew the truth about how much OEM they really still move. Actually.. it would be a surprised to many to know, they are even making parts (not compatible to airsoft) for RS companies. lol.
  10. wtf?? how can a brand new model from a manufacturer, be old stock, from a re-labeler? lol just does not compute. The CA ISSC has nothing to do with cybergun, other than receiving lawyer letters at IWA for random other trademark infringements... lol. Here is my iSSC 6.03 barrel. please explain where it is badly cut. ? http://imgur.com/a/7lP4o it seems you might forcing your old experience on this new model. ? Do you realize the company is over 17 years old now, and can you name one company that has evolve and not upgraded its products throughout the years. And yes Pre upgrade, means before upgrade, so you don't have to upgrade, because its already upgraded, so this is before you upgrade, is pre-upgraded stock. If they can't use Pre-upgrade, what is the correct term? I think everyone knows what it means.
  11. Classic Army are offering some cheaper external upgraded models As they seem to be cheaper than the original models, there could be a few bargains to be had here http://classicarmyshop.com/special.html There's a couple of model I would be keen on, but also a couple others I think as ugly. lol. but the overall savings in parts make all of them worthy. Anyone else keen on a bargain ? or are they just too ugly! lol.
  12. As a Manufacturer / exporter / retailer myself I always see other companies offering mystery boxes several years ago and honestly I didn't think they would last once everyone understands how they are operated. Most retailers don't make such offers. But obviously its seems to be working for those that do, as its something that seems to be not going away. And as there is a total lack of intel and proof of what is really happening, as I believe the majority of mystery box players... are getting played. Maybe everyone is happy ? maybe every one too embarrassed to say they got sucked in? maybe getting a random cheap gun, foregrip, knee pads was just ok for you? And surely there must be some big winners out there? Please let us your mystery box story... what you paid for? and what you got? and from where?
  13. Aye.. the Spectre m4 has... hopup / feeding issues. Avoid... unless you want to.."work on it" .
  14. Thank you Claus57 for your intell. I know of the owner and hes a one man (family) band. Although I don't know him personally, I don't think he would intentionally try to rip you off, but I have also heard of others with issues too. Have you tried leaving a few polite messages in there face book ? and or spamming a dozen emails to try to get your message across? Although avoid making threats and ultimatums, as some retailers will consider this extortion. And due to the 45 day limit for paypal refunds you can't get a refund, but you shouldn't stop hitting them up for what they owe you. If they can't get you what you ordered, store credit is the most easiest and simplest solution that they can do in seconds. case closed! But still if they continue to :censored2: you around.... feel free to keep spreading the word of there wonderful service on every major airsoft forum of every country.
  15. Gogo is a new one to me, but looking at there range, I know there supplier. So maybe I have actually seen / meet the owner shopping, the same place I go shopping... lol. So yeah, anyways, Anything they can sell... I can buy it and ship it for cheaper. And air mail shipping time would only be 7 to 10 days anyways. Let me know item numbers if your keen for a quotation.
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