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  1. Looking for the following: 1.) upgraded v2 gearbox for DMR setup (full type cylinder) preferably wired to the rear 2.) 469mm TBB with hop up unit (r hop is a bonus) 3.) high torque motor 4.) 12 inch free float rail system 5.) 16 inch outer barrel 6.) Navy Trademarked Silencer 7.) pistol grip (spr) Scratches don't bother me, just no dings or chips. Looking for quality parts, no trash please. PM me with what you have and your price, I'm lookin for the best possible items for the cheapest price. Thanks in advance.
  2. So I've decided to build an M16 so I'm going to need a lot of items and I'm hoping to get some good deals on here rather than go buy everything new. The Color of the items do not matter as I will be repainting the gun. In your PM, please give me your price, if the price is ridiculous I will not respond. Thank you. All Items must be v2 internals and M4 externals. Externals: 1.) Metal Lower Body- Looking for a cheap in price metal lower. It can be beat up, but NO chips or anything affecting installation of a gearbox. I'll be repainting it, so scratches and such are no big deal. I don't need any trade marks. 2.) G&P VLTOR Upper- No chips, just scratches. 3.) MM12 Rail System- Nothing fancy, preferably a Rail that can be screwed on for easy assembly/disassembly. Scratches are okay just like on the metal body. 4.) 16" Outer barrel- Scratches are okay. Threads must be in good condition. 5.) M16 Stock 6.) Pistol Grip- Anything really. 7.) PEQ Box. 8.) Mock Supressor- Length from 150- 220 9.) Flashlight with rail mount- Must be in working condition 10.) Vertical Fore grip or AFG. 11.) Nice Scope with mounts, preferably with Variable Magnifying feature 12.) Compact Bipod- Looking for something that doesn't stand out too much that is pretty compact and small but can extend. 13.) M4 High Caps- no feeding issues, external marks are okay; looking for 3 14.) Rail Covers set of two 15.) 11.1 Lipo to deans (able to fit in a fixed m16 stock) Internals: 1.) Pre-Upgraded Gearbox meant for a DMR Based set up (SP140-SP160 Spring)- High Quality Internals with Mosfet. Wired to Deans is a plus. Looking for not a ridiculous amount of rounds through it and wiling to pay a good chunk of money for something worth while. If I can't find something pre built, I'll edit my thread for individual parts and build it myself. But for now I want a pre built one to save time. 2.) High Torque Motor (Long)- Preferably Lonex or JG Blue, but will consider other offers. 3.) 509-550mm TBB for M4 with R-Hop and Hop up pre installed
  3. About the Gun's Performance and Upgrades: Battery is currently wired to deans giving the gun a nice rate of fire and trigger response. I have a Classic Army M14 R.I.S. unit installed and it's still in very new condition which alone cost $120 new. Internally I have some guarder steel gears installed; along with a m120 spring, aftermarket g&g m14 airnozzle, & everything has been reshimmed, regressed, and aoe corrected. Right now the gun is currently 410 - 420 w/ .2 gram bb's. I'm asking $290 shipped . PM me and we can work something out, thanks. The Rifle will come with 1 hi cap magazine.
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