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  1. I have built a simple mosfet based on the IRLB3034 design and have plenty of leftover resistors that that design called for. Would switching out to the IRLS3034 require any different resistors or could I use the spare ones that I have floating around? Also, I have learned that the IRLS3034 has implemented a diode of some sort inside itself (by accident of design?). Anyway, although I hear that they are sufficient for most basic builds, what would my next best option be for a diode? I have used the large pass through TVS diodes, not a fan of their size though. The resistors that I used were from the Unconventional Airsoft Simple Mosfet: http://unconventional-airsoft.com/2009/08/...-mosfet-switch/
  2. I am looking for a replacement for my G&P hop up chamber due to the gears not holding the arm in place anymore. I'm looking for a chamber that has precise adjustments between the arm and gears. Any thoughts on the Lonex chamber? I know ZaChOX has mentioned some fitment issues on one of his videos, but other than that I don't know any cons OR pros about it. Anyone know of any mods that can be done to my current hop up in order to fix the issue that I mentioned above?
  3. Thanks HS5, The explanation about the TVS diode really cleared things up. I'll probably try to just re-organize the setup to where the TVS doesn't make such a bulge in the FET (currently sitting right beside the mosfet unit).
  4. As the title says, I'm looking for the smallest (form) battery that can power a Lonex A1, 13:1 gears, pulling an m130 spring. I have several big 11.1v batteries around the house but none can fit properly in my buffer tube (including the one made for buffer tubes). I will try to cut my wiring down some in the end if this does not work. I have found a few 7.4v batteries on hobby king with nice and small dimensions <4 inches long, and half the width of the buffer tube so that looks great, however the capacity on this one in particular is 1000 mAh, 20-40c - is this not enough for my current setup? As soon as I bump the mAh up to 1200 the battery length immediately jumps to 5"
  5. I have had success with the unconventional MOSFET design and am wondering if there have been any updates to it, Specifically what I'd be interested in would be a smaller form factor. Also, has anyone ever left the TVS diode out?
  6. I had a few minutes before school. I solved one of the issues anyway: The trigger contact spring snapped. I have a spare somewhere with a new trigger kit. I'll check that out when I get home. Second, as far as the tappet plate - I bet it was binding to the trigger contact spring that had snapped and was all over the place. Either way, I'm throwing in a new tappet for my DSG this evening. Question: My V2 Lonex gearbox has a funky track for the tappet plate (the included tappet is different too towards the front end). Has anyone successfully installed any other tappets in a Lonex V2? I'm assuming modifications need to be made.
  7. I just pulled my M4 AEG out of the closet to start tuning things up for this spring/summer and on a full battery charge I get a good response on Semi but not on Full Auto. There is nothing, no motor noise, nothing. I'll tear the gun down when I get back from classes this afternoon, but would appreciate any suggestions of what to look for beforehand. BTW. After switching between semi and full auto real quick sometimes I can get it to shoot on full auto but more than half of the time there is no response. *EDIT* another issue I just found is that the air nozzle does not make a complete cycle back. on semi. It probably moves only about 5mm or so. I can see this resulting in NO feeding whatsoever.
  8. I might consider a full stroke setup then in order to maintain ~400fps. I'd like to utilize my dsg in someway, perhaps restricting it to a cqb sidearm/backup - p90, ak74u?
  9. well I can manage all of these things above...however I do not feel like .20s can perform well enough.
  10. I can confirm that the daniel defense omega rail pictured above works perfectly fine with the standard barrel nut. It is a two piece RIS but is rock solid once installed.
  11. I only airsoft outdoors as there are not any indoor/cqb fields here in Arkansas. I have a cyclone DSG that I have installed in my gearbox for testing purposes and absolutely enjoyed the ROF that resulted. However I would like to hear your thoughts on the use of a DSG in a "field" gun. A few questions: 1. How can I maximize the FPS in my DSG setup? The inner barrel in my rifle is a stock G&P CPB length 260mm or so (I'll check it later, but its the one that comes with 10.5" outer barrels and is more than likely 6.08mm in inner diameter). I understand all of the compression fixes and mods that need to be performed (been there, done that). 2. As far as accuracy (which would involve the above discussion about the inner barrel used), would an R-Hop be my best option for a hop up? 3. I thought BB weight was an issue with DSG setups so what about 0.28g elite force bbs? I know the heavier the straighter the flight path but will they have too much negative effect on feeding with a dsg? Basically I'd like to shoot for a ROF of 40 with a suitable FPS for outdoors as well as range, but am not sure if the DSG factor can permit a good balance of the three.
  12. Here's my question: is there a difference in the Z Tactical , Element, and Matrix brand "Sordin" headsets? I know Evike.com is notorious for labeling everything Matrix, and I have even seen some comtac style headsets labeled Bravo by AirsoftGI. Is there a difference here between any of these (not sordin vs comtac but brand va brand)? I'm going to work with a pair of these until I can save up later for some real MSAs + PTT.
  13. Entertain me with your offers on version two gearboxes or just shells. I'd prefer lonex or G&P 8mms but PM me with anything :)
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