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  1. Ive been playing seriously for about 2 years. I'm looking for other people to play with, and mabye a location. nothing serious just like pick up airsoft games
  2. in my eperience G&g is way better. mabye because I bought my JG on hobbytron and it was a ak-47. But if your budget is 200$ I would by far get the g&g combat machine by the magpul handguards and put rails on that. thats 190$ and you have a long lasting gun with good internals and a light gun which will last along time in light airsoft playing. the body is plastic but thats fine. also yo get about 30$ off you purchase due to coupons.
  3. here are 2 links to the mags that im thinking of buying http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=32905 this is a link to m the magpul hicaps http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=33418 link to the flashmags I was wondering what you opinions were for which ones to buy. ( durability, efficitency and how well they work) for guns I have a kwa sr10 and a G&p magpul m4
  4. I like these set of gears with the lonex piston the seem good and averagly priced with only 2.50$ for shipping. does anybody elese have any experience with these gears
  5. so would this piston be good with these gears http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6246 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6250 I would like to try and purchase from the same website so when you post products could you post a link.
  6. what about these paired http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=28258 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=30044
  7. hi I just purchased a cqb g&p magpul m4 and the piston and gears are appernly bad so I want to have a back up pair to replace them for when they break. im looking for desent rof like mid twenties and I run a 9.6 nimh and a 7.4 lipo and I cant decide if I should get a good pistol like the super core piston and a mid line to bad set of gears and just replace them often or buy good gears and a bad piston and just replace the piston often. or should I just buy middle to upper line of both. whats my best option my max money would be around 100$ any help is appresiated.
  8. thanks for the help whether or not you an expert. But after watching reviews and weighing my optins im leaning towards the kwa cqr mostly because im looking for a light durable gun that will always bbe an option
  9. Hey im looking for an all around good airsoft gun and im in the mood for magpul parts. so ive noroke it down to 2 options 1 being the all magpul externals and G&p internals at http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=33598. anothe option that I have is the new line of kwa cqr guns on airsoft gi. I would get the plain gun for 190 and buy a magpul forgrip. stock ( the one with friction lock) and pistol grip. they are both realitivly the same price. what it really comes down to is wheter I want a magpul body and a g&p gearbox or kwa gearbox with a (lower fps spring) and the kwa plastic lower eciver. For the g&p gun I have and upgrade madbull innerbarrle and madbul hop up inwhich I can istall. I also wanted to know the quality of a g&p gearbox. Any help would be nice
  10. firefish360

    Loading Bb's

    those are all good ideas but from my personal experience with bb containers or funnels that have a small enough hole to fit in a hicap mag the bbs always get stuck
  11. firefish360

    Loading Bb's

    Hey. I always find it annoying when trying to load a speed loader or hi-cap and the bbs go everywhere but where they should. At my house I have a big container of bbsand just take a handful and pour it into the mag and all the bbs that miss go straight back into the bucket. However when im not at my house I don't want to carry around a big container or spill hundreds off bbs. so I was wondering what you you guys do to solve this problem. Ps im soory if there is already a thread about this but I wasnt sure what to search to find it
  12. thanks for all the help but I have one last question. I have a madbull hopup sjould I put theat with my madbull tightbore barrel (which I have in gun already) or should I leave the kwa hop up in. Another question would be would the madbull hopup fit seeing that the sr10 hopup is a 2 piece hop up. And my friend offered me full price for the madbull hop up should I sell it to him and my a promothesis hop up. Thanks for the help>
  13. I have the kwa 2gx sr10 and I bought a suppresor to allow for a 509 mm barrel so I bought the madbull 6.01mm barrel which I am prepared to clean regularly. I wish I bought the edgi innerbarrel but I thought I was going to put the madbull hop up chamber in the gun which I found out it did not fit. So basicily my question is what should I buy to get further range and accuracy thats not much over 100$ and keep in mind I already bought the madbull barrel which I will replace if that is a necisity for better acuracy. I use matrix .25 bbs also.
  14. Some of those JG are realitivly expensive. Beilive it or not you can get the base kwa m4 and use the coupon code airsoftusa on evike and bring it down it down to 260$. Personaly I would do that but if that is still expensive. I would much much rather go for a higher end G&G just from personal experice. I beilive the G&G is the company where you get the best deal for your money. obiviosly kwa and g&p are more expensive and better but the G&g are great to
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