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  1. I'm choosing between this wingun co2 8 revolver 500fps, or any other similar handgun/pistol. which do you think is the ideal, most durable gun? I would use it for personal use only, target practice, etc. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone.. I would like to ask which airsoft weapon should I get. I wouldn't use it for competitions, I would use it for target practice, shooting, etc. my initial budget would be hovering around $200. I've been choosing between this 500fps revolver/magnum type handgun wingun revolver co2 8", or a pistol/.45 type handgun with lesser fps. is 500fps the most powerful handgun out there? can 500 fps destroy coke cans, etc. what do you think should I choose?
  3. Good day to everyone. this is hoopbear - taken from one of my favorite cartoons, winnie the pooh bear. Anyway, I'm interested in purchasing an airsoft weapon because I wasn't permitted to purchase the real steel. I have strict parents,though I'm turning 21 now. anyway, I went here at airsoftforums in order to read more about airsoft weapons, and bb guns. I'm not going to use this weapon for games, I'll just use it for target shooting and practice. I'm choosing between the handgun (1911/.45 type) and the revolver/.357 magnum type. well this is all for now. aside from this, I'm an aspiring musician, and movie actor.
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