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  1. Internals: retro arms qsc CNC gearbox seigetek 20:8.1 gears btc spectre mosfet modify ceramics bearings lonex a1 motor prommy neo strike hop up with m nub prommy 6.03 rhop barrel by skag187 retro arms silent cylinder set retro arms carbon fiber piston Externals: RS CNC Cmore sight arw noveske sws ris vltor imod stock g&p vltor receivers troy claymore flash hider
  2. I recently purchased this hop up and was unable to use the hop up wheel from my previous hop up. Does anyone have experience with this hop up and which brand was compatible?
  3. I'd rather buy one that already has the connectors hence this thread.
  4. but they're all tamiya connectors
  5. Must fit completely inside buffer tube and wired to deans.
  6. I was under the impression that this was his full time job.
  7. That's because we were in constant contact and you're a forum moderator. Skag hasn't even logged on here for a couple months that's why I'm a bit paranoid. There's no sign of him being active.
  8. I last spoke with him on Wednesday about sending over some parts to have a rhop job done by him as I was told he was one of the very best since being certified by HS5. After telling him that I've sent the parts, I have yet to receive a reply from him. What do I do?
  9. What do you guys thnk of the retro arms hop up, it seems to be very similar to the prowin except that all its components are made of metal.
  10. After some research it's called the M12 speed loader by Odin Innovations, expected to come out early to mid summer.
  11. I can't remember the name of the product but I remember watching a video on youtube where you can put in a couple hundred bbs into this speed loader and then turn a crank that unfolds out of the mag-style body to reload your mags. This caught my attention because its just as good as that shotgun-style speed loader and its far more compact.
  12. I have a madbull python barrel, do you think those pre-installed rhop tbb from clandestine be any good?
  13. I'm looking for the best of the best, second to none products such as top notch tight bore barrel, bucking, nub, hop up, and tech money can buy so that I can make the best possible r-hop barrel assembly. Once again I'm asking for only the best of the best.
  14. Since the mosfet has an adjustable rof feature would it matter if I want to get a 7.4v lipo to shoot 25 rps? I'm on a tight budget and 7.4v buffer tube batteries are cheaper than 11.1v. I don't plan on purchasing anything online since I'm going to a field tomorrow and am within driving distance from evike and airsoftgi. Specs siegetek 20.8:1 gearset lonex a1 motor sytema m120 irregular pitch spring
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