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  1. Yep! It has been a long time since the last time I was here posting stuff... Since then the community here got larger, our previous team disbanded to smaller teams and freelance players. I now leave with you guys the link for my new team facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Task-Force-III/1424522587842767 cheers
  2. I used to drink Fanta but then came kidney stone! Now just water :P
  3. I say this about handle .25 because of the barrel and m90 spring that it comes with. Will it be able to put bb's with that weight at 150 feet ? When I had my KA I was starting on Airsoft and I was using in that time Intellect 9.6v 1600mh Nimh battery. Now I use Turnigy Lipo 7.4v 2200mh.
  4. And the G&G TR16 Carbine Light for 240€ is it a good option ? Will it handle up shooting .25g up to 150 feet ? Or should I consider the full length carbine ? I see that it fires up to 18 rps, something that I didnt had in my older AEG, the max I got out was 14 from my King Arms MOE.
  5. Is G&G that bad that even TOP Tech models arent good ?
  6. and the G&G T4-18 LIGHT is a good purchase?
  7. Unfortunately the stores down here are full of chinese brands. =S Has to be M4 Mag compatible.
  8. Sold my ICS! Need a new main gun now... searching the web I found these 4 models that I like but due to the lack of ppl here with them I don't know if they are a good choice 1 - WE M4A1 Katana Series 340€ 2 - G&G SCAR CQC 389€ 3 - Magpul ACR SV 389€ 4 - SRC SR4 NAVY CQB 199€ Which one do you guys think is a best choice ? Not wanting to go from a horse to a donkey -.-' Cheers
  9. And as for a main gun? The Echo 1 XCR Polymer, would it be up to the task ? Running a 7.4 lipo.
  10. The only thing that occurs me is that the shop didnt had the g36 classic army he wanted so they swapped it for another one that got to be an echo 1 g36, its the only thing that makes sense to me.
  11. The ECHO 1 XCR Polymer its an JG ? Just Rebranded ? I do have a friend that had an G36 Classic Army... one day I called " hey igor... take a look on this! " and in the gun there was the echo 1 usa logo on it -.-' HOW ?
  12. The ECHO 1 for what I saw has a greater rate of fire. Is the body all polymer ? I never had a gun that wasnt metal =S some of my friends have sportlines ics or classic armys, I have seen some plastic guns breaking after small use in the buffer tube connection =S Echo 1 simply looks awesome.
  13. Hi, Need a second gun, already use an ICS but I think its time to get a second one just in case my ICS someday in the field gets funky LOL. I saw the ECHO 1 XCR Polymer Version while searching for a cheap BUT GOOD secondary, what do you guys recommend ? The ECHO 1 or some G&G in plastic ? Cheers
  14. Anyone here running the new Tubular Ras S Handguard on their M4 ?
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