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  1. Can you guys give me some advice on a horizontal holster for the vest? Saw nuntfancy review with a horizontal holster on the vest and like it alot but its kinda expensive and unavailable at my country.
  2. These ones correct? http://www.ebairsoft.com/sapi-dummy-ballis...ate-p-2444.html Cheers
  3. I would get any type of gear if I could but in my country stores lack in some products! Dummy plates, combat shirts and other stuff that you guys find normally in your stores, in my country is a real P!?"=" t to find. The plates I got were bought on ebairsoft.com and finally they arrived at my country customs, now its the long wait untill they are dispatched to my island.
  4. It was the battery! Went to a friend's house some days later and tested with another brand of lipo but with the same voltage as mine and the ROF increased alot.
  5. Well... I look for quality, price and availability here in my country! Pantac, Condor, Flye and other brands are quite hard to find here at decent prices! Started with ACM Gear, now only the multicam is ACM.
  6. First! If you are who I think you are, I like your channel, nice vids so keep on the good work. Second, well I had alot of vests since 2004 when I started paintball I always went to airsoft to get good vests beeing my first one a SAAV. After entering in the Airsoft World I had, Ranger, Plate Carrier, Interceptor all ACM they I saw this vest and it was the only sample they had! Cost me 80 or 90€ I cant record, but well after 1 year of it I can say that it is money well spend. My team mates tried this last weekend and they all like it. I have a combination of pantac/tmc pouches on it. Here it's alberty http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/images/product/1_R1006978.jpg but I had another website with it, when I find it I will come here and update this if you want.
  7. In some websites that sell airsoft stuff I saw some plates that the one that goes in the back isnt similar to the one that goes in the front. It was a little more square, so my doubt about that appeared. My order from ebairsoft was sent today, I got the 2 plate carries plus the side plates for my vest, I chose the L size due to the fact that in the Condor website the measures there were for a L size. Now I have to wait for the long time it takes to get here in the Azores the stuff from china, so probably next month by the 11 or 12th I will be here posting up some pics of the gear. Thank you anyway for your help, cheers!
  8. I thougt the back was a little bit different. http://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info....roducts_id=1429 the condor website says its 10x13 aka Large. Good price for them?
  9. Hi, I'm using for about a year now a Condor MOPC without plates, I manage to do some in cardboard but due to some heavy rain during a game they were damaged alot. So anyone here using a vest like this one? Which plates did you get for it? The front of the vest I see sapi plates for it but the back its differente and all the packs I see on internet have 2 fronts -.-' Can someone help me on this? Cheers
  10. What are your opinions about this model? Is it worth changing my ICS M4 Proline for one of those?
  11. I want more ROF but keeping the range she has.
  12. Which upgrades do you guys recommend for a ICS M4 ? The only thing I already put in her was a Madbull M110 Spring increasing the stock 310 FPS to 390 FPS. I'm getting 9.68/10.88 RPS and 370 FPS this measures were taken with the hopup on, I forgot to take it before measuring.
  13. And changing to a G&G GR15 Raider Blow Back ? I saw a deal, the gun with a 9,6V de 1600mha, Acog Sight, tactical grip , hicap, Fake laser for 190€. Is it worth it? Will I be better served?
  14. I saw this week on the online shop were I buy almost everything of Airsoft the Tar from S&T and I kinda liked it! Does anyone here have one? I don't have the possibility of playing with one without having to buy it first since I live in a island and the airsoft community here has only m4 or ak.
  15. I wouldnt want anything with a girl that dumps her boyfriend for another guy, its a risk!
  16. We have our fair share here in Portugal too with some individuals that think that just because their practice the sport longer than others, that their opinion is the holy grail of airsoft! Due to that I don't use the Portuguese Airsoft Forum very often, I prefer this one and Arnies. At least here and in Arnies, people help instead of judging!
  17. Personally I think that been on a relationship brings our weaker part up! I can have problems, with my family our in my job and still I can perform and do my part, but if I argue with my girl... well the day just goes downhill until it is resolved! I started dating very late in my life, I was 19 when I first had a real girlfriend, because I saw my cousins and friends been upset due to things related to their relationships and I decided that wasnt for me yet! I'm now going for the fourth year of dating, we met on my second year at university and we are still together, with our ups and downs! And she likes Airsoft alot, but due to illness she quited so I had to sell her A&K MASADA =S
  18. Can someone explain me the reason that these folks don't get along? Is it a competition thing? To be the best?!
  19. Me with an customized P90 of a friend of mine!
  20. Moments before storming the last enemy position!
  21. I have laying here a Fron Cap from DBoys brand new, need to get a delta ring. The G&P is very expensive and not available on my country. Do I really need him? aint the front cap and d ring enough?
  22. Hi, I bought an ICS 4 months ago and since the first day the handguard was woobling... well I didnt pay too much attention to it since a friend had the same model with the same issue until today, when I decided to fix it with a little tape. I found out that the handguard "teeth" that fixate the handguard to the ring was broken... missing, a clean cut. I already send a PM to ICS but I will probably have no luck with that instead I was wondering what do I need to put my M4 MOE STYLE, what do I need to change the stock and the handguard. I read that only ICS stocks work on ICS buffer tube but I have one here from a DEEPFIRE aeg that fits perfectly without wooble. Can someone help me? Anyone that has a MAGPUL look alike ICS. Cheers
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