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  1. My team facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/DAEACORES
  2. Hi, I need a help getting a new pistol! I'm indecise between the KJW GLOCK 23 in ABS and the KJW Classic 1911 Green Gas version. Which one is more reliable? Cheers
  3. Hi there, Well, after a long time with a King Arms I decided to sell the gun and buy an ICS since everyone in the team uses ICS. After buying the gun the store owner sent me a video of it shooting on a chrono and it was giving 300 fps. Is it normal to shoot soo low on fps? Cheers
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/150923614957141/ Above is the link for the Terceira Island Airsoft Community! Well it has been almost a year since I posted the INFO here, no airsoft players on lajes? Is the user "Unknowsoldier" the only american stationed here that liked airsoft?! xP Cheers
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6S4Ak2X60A...eature=youtu.be Video guys!
  6. Hi guys, Well, another major problem here I think... during last weekend game I noticed that my KA upper receiver started woobling! Does anyone ever had to deal with this kind of problem? How do I fix it? Cheers
  7. Hi there, Can you please post a detailed pic of that? Not that I don't believe in you but I would like to see how it looks! Cheers
  8. Yes, it is the 1911 variant with the Tanio Koba grip. I was looking for a CQC Holster, had one for the Beretta, very good! Thanks for the advice anyway =)
  9. Hi there guys, Well I got myself a KJW KP05 due to the fact that my socomgear was becoming a major p*** in the ***... I kinda like the gun, don't like only the simple fact that it has been hard to find a decent holster for it! I like the CQC Holsters chinese made or branded ones but where I live there aint no airsoft stores available. I need to know who heres has a KP05 and wich holster are you using with it. Cheers from the Azores
  10. Can I just buy a cheap KJW M9 and use the slide?
  11. I was thinking it was a major problem! We have other M9 here from KJW and TM, and no one was complaining about it! But I guess I was the only one pushing for the pistol alot. Someone told me that it wasnt right, that I might have a leak on the pistol oring. I use green gas.
  12. Hi, I need help =/ last game when I was pinned down with only 3 mags on the pistol left I started shooting quickly against the other players and I noticed that if I push my M9 to the limit the pistol gets very cold and the gas leaks out of the barrel... no one here knows what to do! Can anyone help me? Sometimes if I start shooting rapidly it ends with a burst or burp... This doesnt happen if I shoot one by one!
  13. For those that are passing by or living in the Lajes Field on Terceira Island, there's a small Airsoft community on the Island. Feel free to visit or facebook page Terceira Milsim. Feel free to PM me or post on the facebook if u want to play =)
  14. Hi there, I recently bought a Deepfire, unfortunaly the hop up unit was damaged. The bb's are acting like paintballs dropping! I was told that a new hopup would do the trick, I found some element ones made for m4/m16 and L85 series but I don't know if DEEPFIRE is picky. Can anyone enlight me on this please? Cheers
  15. Cryptkeeper


    Hello to u all! My name is igor and I'm from the Azores! Cheers to all!
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