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DD AR15 lover

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    Catonsville, Maryland
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    I like to shoot firearms, play drums, play airsoft, and I hate school lmao.

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    - Vsr 10 with Leapers 4X32 scope and SRC Harris bipod Hopeflly getting knock off leupold mkIIII scope hahaha
  1. I bought it new from ASGI
  2. that still didnt work haha
  3. Umm... I bought my VSR-10 and it didn't come with the right screw that goes in the back soo what should I do? where can I get some new screws???
  4. thank you, and my gun is the echo 1 m4 ris because I don't feel like going through the hassle of buyng a daniel defence sorry for spelling and grammor
  5. yea it will u might just have to go to home depot and get a screw bolt and washer that will fit through the hole then u drill a hole in your vsr body where u want the bi pod to be placed and put the screw through the vsr body and then through the bi pod then put on the washer and bolt then tighten it the cut the screw so there not of the much of the screw hanging out of the bi pod and boom u got your bi pod on your vsr hope I answer your question ;)
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