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  1. Okay, I have done a bit of research, and I understand my needs further. The big thing, for me, is that it needs to have the lowest possible time between 'dang it, there's a large bird' and 'bam bam bam bam bam,' and the lowest possible maintenance. My plan is to keep this thing by the front/back door, and when an avine crisis emerges, I just grab the thing, five seconds preparation, and go out and plink at them. That, I think, is my highest priority - I do not need a finely-tuned masterpiece that requires having batteries charged up and maintained. I still want classical long-arm style; I want to look down my sights and take aim, and yet I still want to fire burst or full-auto from this position. Is that unreasonable? I don't want to sound stupid, but I sincerely have no idea. I am thinking that I want something in a basic spring, and those are apparently MUCH cheaper than the electrical virtuosities? If I can clear this thing in less than $40, say, by buying one of these ( http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AR-PS-M1-43700.htm ) then that'd be awesome and I'd be very happy. For basic plinking of a moving target, will a spring rifle be sufficient?
  2. Hello, everybody and anybody. I am new to the world of airsoft, and I realize that I'm coming from a rather unusual position here: I want to buy an airsoft gun for a slightly industrial purpose. To whit, I have a major problem with large, majestic pseudo game-birds wandering onto my property and eating all my pets' food, damaging mosquito screens, and leaving filth everywhere. I am looking into a wide variety of solutions to this problem, and one that came up was scaring them away with an airsoft gun. (a neighbor has had good effect with an old-skool Red Ryder BB gun.) I want to emphasize that I know absolutely zero about airsoft guns; I've never even touched one before, let alone fired one or compared between two. I beg forgiveness if the answer to some of my questions might be self-evident or absurd. So, to follow the format, here are my needs. Price Range: $150-200. I really want to put a hard cap at $200; I'm really not going to use this gun for anything else. If there's something absolutely amazing and perfect for my needs at $210, I'll spring, but I'd prefer to get out at under 200. Play Style: Having read up on the different styles, I want to say that the closest play style to my needs is Assault. If I can get something that is basically an airsoft version of an FN-FAL, that'd be aces. I have a very good background with gun safety and familiarity, but my marksmanship is less than aces. I want something that I can easily shoulder up and look down the sights, but at the same time, I want comfortable full-auto or burst, with a large capacity and the option to go with a drum or even a belt. I have no idea if recoil is ever a consideration with airsoft; if the idea of looking down the sights of a rifle and them firing a full-auto burst is preposterous, then I would want something I could put on a tripod, and be Mr. LMG all day long. Play Area: Umm, alternating heavy woods/clear ground, with some vertical element 'cuz the ruddy things get up on the roof. I could conceivably set up a machine-gun nest. Style Preference: I seriously doubt that I will ever get in a situation where I'll confuse an airsoft gun for one of my real ones (9mm handguns and WWII-vintage bolt-action rifles), but safety is always priority number 1 when it comes to firearms. In light of that, I would be happiest with one that is either a) obviously not a real firearm, having a bright orange finish or made to look like a Flash Gordon raygun or something, or b) is an approximation of a machine gun or something, 'something' in this case meaning 'not an antique WWII-vintage bolt-action rifle.'
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