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  1. Yes, I am fully aware of that. They simply resell products made by other companies. That being said, some products they repair and some they don't-that's where you have to be careful. This was my first air soft gun purchase and as mentioned earlier, it's a POS!:( Mind you, I made my own air gun spring compressor, rebuilt pellet guns, have my FFL C&R license, rebuilt several C&R guns (including Enfield SMLE Mk 1 and M1891 Mosin-Nagant) and perform hospital mnt, for a living. I easily disassembled and reassembled this AEG. The gearbox and motor are in great shape! There is no wear in the gear box, nor any debris inside it. BUT, the motor is spinning LOOSELY on its drive gear that moves everything else! It's simply a press fit gear that stretched on the motor shaft! I'll bet I didn't put more than 500 rounds through this gun! I have much cheaper AEG's that are still working. At least the single action spring power still works. Selling this gun for what I can get for it. I did send my findings back to Umarex for grins and giggles. Stay away from this gun!
  2. Already tried another battery. Called Umarex and got the schematic. Will be taking it apart:)-Gearhead
  3. Dear Fellow Members-Made the BIG mistake of not cycling my $100.00 Umarex Dual Power Hk G36 C AEG for about 1.5 years. Works fine on single shot spring, but will NOT cycle on single or full auto AEG:( I think that something is just seized from sitting too long:( Had anybody disassembled one of these? I perform hospital mnt. for a living, do much of my own C&R gunsmithing and consider myself pretty handy. Have also rebuilt pellet guns. Should have known better. Tried posting this in the disassembly section of the forum, so Moderators, please advise. ANY help greatly appreciated:)-Gearhead222
  4. Great topic, but how much does this differ from the $100.00 Umarex dual purpose Hk G36C? Mine saw VERY little use and after sitting for about a year, just works on spring power:( When I pull the trigger, all I hear is motor noise, but not AEG cocking:( ANY help greatly appreciated:)-Gearhead
  5. Dear Fellow Airsofters-Own 2 Air Mag M50's and one Tactical Force TF-11 and really enjoy them. Tried the HFC M11 aftermarket silencer and although it it fits, the BB's hit the side of the mock silencer, throwing them everywhere intermittently. E-mailed a company selling the mock silencer for the SD-203 M11 gun, but they have not responded concerning the fit of this to my gun. Would also like to find the folding stock that Maruzen makes for this gun, as the gun has the pushbutton and internals to take the correct folding stock. Thanx for any info:)-Gearhead
  6. Dear Fellow Airsofters-Just ran 22 mags through this pistol using 2 12 gram CO2 cartridges with .20 bb's and am very impressed! Paid around $40.00 for it at the local Walmart. However these sell online with free shipping for around $32.00!:) Here's the link: http://www.walmart.com/ip/HK-USP-CO2-Airso...-Black/17133156 FWIW, the sights are dead on and the gun as a whole feels very solid. Comes with the standard 90 day Umarex warranty also:) My dollars worth:)-Gearhead
  7. Dear Fellow Airsofters-Bought this springer after viewing many U-tube videos and am impressed! Although it is only a single shot springer, the gun is very hefty, has an adjustable (elevation/windage) red dot scope , a decent flashlight and shoots around 375 FPS! Best of all, it cost only $36.00 with free shipping through Amazon.com:)-Gearhead222
  8. I have the all metal Galaxy brand Colt pocket .25, M1911 and Mauser C96, and they all shoot 2-300 FPS with .20 quality bb's-Gearhead
  9. Dear Sir-There are some VERY high quality ALL METAL Galaxy brand springer airsoft pistols on EBaay from $12-$25.00 SHIPPED. I have their Colt pocket .25, M1911 and their C96 Mauser. These are so high quality that you risk damage shooting cheap .12 bb's in them. I use only King Arms .2 bb's. Here's a link to EBay, but looking up all metal airsoft should bring up many of the Galaxy pistols: http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/sch/I.html?_pppn=v3&am...amp;_kw=pistols HTH:)-Gearhead
  10. Thanx for the quick and detailed reply! The battery is 400 mAH and the charger is 250 mA. According to one formula, I divide the 400 by the 250 and multiply by 1.5 for NiMH batteries=2.4 hours. So I guess 2-2.5 is correct?-Gearhead222
  11. Fellow Airsofters-I realize that this gun is cheese deluxe, but what is the recommended charge time for the battery? Supposedly it's a 7.2V 1000 mAH battery. I was told by the vendor that the initial charge time is 7 hours, but have heard and read other initial charge times ranging from 3 to 4 hours, with subsequent charge times of 2-3 hours. Have ordered the gun but not received it, so I cannot calculate charge time. Thanx for any detailed responses:)-Gearhead Update-It appears to be a 7.2 Volt, 500 mAH battery.Thanx again for any specific info:)
  12. Dear Fellow Airsofters-Just received my size 9 tactical gloves via Amazon.com and for $17.00 plus free S/H, I think that I got a good deal. Here's the link to the gloves off of Rap4's website:) http://www.rap4.com/paintball/os/sup-grip-...lar-black-large
  13. Dear Lonesniper and others-I wish that I ALSO had the budget for Oakleys!;) For the price, those Condor Tactical look pretty nice. Still shopping around, but I really appreciate the feedback. Carry on:)-Gearhead
  14. Fellow Airsofters- Although I have Mountain biking, winter, half finger and full finger gloves, I welcome any recommendations for reasonably priced protective or tactical gloves. Are full fingered gloves really necessary, or is it more of a personal choice?-Gearhead
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