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  1. Thanks. Oh and I was looking on airsoftgi. Do you know anything about the prometheus bucking?
  2. Thanks guys. The snow was 4 feet deep at some parts and my gun got soaked but it was fine. Had a ton of fun.
  3. My cm.048 is a beast. For the $ cyma guns are extremely durable and really kick some .
  4. My friend is buying this gun before the GI shocker sale is over for 135$.
  5. I have a cyma ak cm.048 and I wanted to upgrade the stock barrel and stock bucking. I have a max. of 60$ I want to spend on these two things, but if it is a few dollars over my budget thats okay. e.g 65$ or 70$. Looking at these barrels.... Don't really know which is most accurate. Guessing the prometheus MadBull Ver. 2 Precision Inner Barrel for AK (455mm) - 30$ CA 6.04mm High Precision Inner Barrel for AK 47 - 40$ Systema Precision Inner Barrel for AK - 40$ Prometheus Precision Inner Barrel for AK(A little much for my budget but if it blows away the others I'd buy it) - 60$ Buckings.... G&G Hop Up Bucking -7$ KWA 2GX Hop Up Bucking - 14$ Prometheus Hop Up Bucking (Hard Type) 15$ Any suggestion would be great. Thanks, Austin
  6. Thanks for the help guys. Ill take a look at some trishots now.
  7. We usually have some long range firefights so I don't know how well the shotgun would do against an AEG but thanks ill look into it. If anyone has any info comparing the rifles' thatd be great. Looking for best stock accuracy& range.
  8. 2 jg m4s. 160$. Thompson 200$. Cqb m4. 600$. Cyma ak 120$. Those are most of the guns I'd be up against. As for me ive got an upgraded Cyma cm.048. With laser, red dot, drum mag etc.. On a airsoftgi video they have the UK M24 hitting head sized targets at 200ft. If a sniper in this price range wouldnt be capable of competing with those guns I don't have to buy one. Like I said I already have an ak I just wanna try something different & have some fun.
  9. I have about 200$ to spend on becoming a sniper. (Not too hardcore or anything) I need a gun ranging from about 100-160$. I have four guns in mind. Im getting a sniper for accuracy and range obviously. Therefore I'm convinced that the higher fps will help so I am leaning to the M24. I could be wrong though. I'll be running whatever gun I buy completely stock. UK Arms M24 vs. ECHO 1 Advancec Sniper Rifle vs. JG Bar 10 vs. UTG MK96 Please give me some suggestions
  10. Wow. Thanks so much. Looking forward to a pretty cool snow game tomorrow then.
  11. I live in near Chicago. It's obviously very cold and now very snowy. My friends insist we play airsoft and they pretty much say, "We have high quality guns. They won't break. They're waterproof it's fine! Airsoft in the snow is the best." To be honest I'm terrified about this. I just fixed my gun and am wondering if it is okay to go out and play. Someone suggested wrapping it in plastic wrap(like what you put over food). What do you guys think? Should I be okay going out in the snow? People all over the internet do it all the time. (Don't know if it matters buy my gun is a cyma CM.048.)
  12. The bbs don't curve in any specific direction. The groupings are just not as tight. And the hop up is working. The bbs sti curve up when the hop up is on. Could I have put the bucking in wrong or how can you put the nub in wrong?
  13. Thanks guys. I bought a NCStar ak rail and a truglo red dot sight! Should work great
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