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  1. As far as insurance, I think a 285 FPS on a paintball will result in excess of 10 joules. Although not apples to oranges on the welt scale, the insurability issue with a 6 joule airsoft BB; is probably moot for the insurance adjuster.
  2. I use one 9 amp PTC in my builds and do not get false trips. Fuses and PTC's are time sensitive overcurrent protection. Our AEG's have a short cycle time compared to the trip time of these devices.
  3. Once you file a dispute Paypal freezes the account (maybe yours too) until it is resolved. This could suck for the seller if he has money in his account because then the seller can neither buy or sell. If I am not mistaken that is. wage peace
  4. Agreed. Testing would be the only way to determine the usefulness of any method.
  5. Great idea. In the military we call this ELINT or electronic intelligence. Problems. 1) FRS does not allow, therefore radios do not support, an external antenna of any kind. So to do this would break a law, but the chances of getting caught are pretty non-existent. And to do this would require modification of the radio which would also be illegal. But the analyzer is a receiver so no problem if it does not transmit. 2) The higher the gain the better chance you will get a valid direction.....usually one would use two sniffers and triangulate so one sniffer may not give you precise direction (theta) but range from signal strength would be minimized ® ( note: R and theta are the polar coordinates system) 3) A 11dB Yagi is expensive and over 40 inches by 12 inches in size. but go for it.
  6. Yeah I was kicked out. Left all FB forums.......FB is a race to the bottom.
  7. Possibly losing airseal at high speed. Do the airseal check with a tissue.
  8. Nice board. Why on earth a 3 watt resistor? TVS not necessary IMHO.
  9. Although your battery seems adequate, this problem, from your description, seems like a battery problem. How do you charge you lipo? Heating wires, blowing a fuse, not cycling, pushing the piston forward then stopping, all are battery symptoms. peace
  10. The more scented propane smells like your own brand of sewer gas the less the smell will bother you. But like your own sewer gas, just cause you cant smell it does not mean it don't stink. wage peace
  11. BTW your scorpion is a 5 cell NiMH battery. When a NiMH cell is charged it is about 1.6V so your fully charged scorpion would measure 5 x 1.6V =8V......So your should measure ~~~~8VDC on the meter when your 7.2V battery is charged and not shooting the gun. wage peace
  12. To clarify. Charging by in the context of battery charging has only to do with how we will determine if the battery is charged. So think of the above comments as more testing by measuring the voltage at the battery terminals with the battery unloaded or out of the gun. So we have three ways of testing if typical batteries are charged. 1 testing the OCV (open circuit voltage. ) No charger no load connected ----- Least accurate 2) testing the battery voltage and current under simulated load Most accurate to understand your battery condition and capability. 3) testing the Delta Slope of the battery voltage under charge. The meters in a smart charger does this. What happens is as the battery comes to complete charge the voltage rises rises rises rises then it peaks and starts to fall while the charger is charging. The smart meter knows to stop now. This method is best to just charge your battery and stop before it damages it. 4) A smart meter can be set to put a specified amount of charge (Amp Hours or Ah or mAh) into the battery and stop. This is the safest. The scorpion charger does not stop charging until you unplug it. #3 & #4 stop auto matically. #1 & #2 are tests done to the battery off the charger. wage peace
  13. You will miss it for about one pico-second. Amen
  14. There is an ASM ( Airsoft Mechanics) group on Facebook. They invited many of us on the ASM web to join them on FB. Unfortunately that FB group also digressed to the lowest common denominator of all FB airsoft groups. I don't think the OP was thinking of the web ASM but the FB ASM......I hope. wage peace
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