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  1. Hey Doug nice to meet you, Are you using diesel in your mags or unleaded
  2. Hi everyone, I hope someone body can help me with this because I can't seem to find one anywhere. I need help finding an NPAS kit for my WE M14 EBR. I'm trying to find one to order from U.S but if you know of one anywhere please put a comment with a link or website name. That would be awesome thank you so much!
  3. I have a WE Tech Special Edition M9, 3 mags and shot probably 50 times, two mags haven't even been used. Bought it for a total of $180, The starting price will be $155 and we can go down from there. Its a great pistol, full metal
  4. I have a KWA M4 RIS with 2GX Gearbox. it comes with everything in the picture and can take off the scope and bipod if you want to decrease the price. The scope is a leapers scope, and the bipod is a utg, and also comes with a spartan silencer and 2 90 round emags. The upgraded internals include a 6.03 prometheus tight bore($70), a JBU Metal teeth piston($25), a Systema silent piston head($30), and a m120 spring which shoots the fps up to 465 fps. Most fields allow that fps for dmr rifles. I am asking about $350 for everything, the gun is also wired to deans which gives it a faster ROF and better trigger response, if you don't have a charger that takes deans all you need to do is get one of these and attach it to your charger. It also comes with a battery that has deans connectors on it. it is a 9.6v 1500 mah battery (goes in stock). The gun will come with the original carrying handle and the original box. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=29329
  5. I have a KWA M4 RIS that is converted into a DMR that has been upgraded. It comes with 2 Magpul emags (each hold 90 rounds), utg bipod (painted tan), leapers scope (painted tan). The internal upgrades include JBU full metal teeth piston, systema silent piston head, m120 spring, and a 6.03 prometheus tight bore barrel that increases the accuracy dramatically. It shoots pretty hot at around 460 but if you need to decrease the FPS to 400 all you need is 15 bucks to buy an m110 spring. it is in incredibly great shape and haven't really used it that much. It comes with the original box and original carrying handle.
  6. KWA USP Tactical with 2 Magazines
  7. PM if you are interested, It is a KWA M4 RIS and comes with all in picture with 2 EMAGS and upgraded internals.
  8. I have a KWA M4 RIS, has the 2GX (newest Version) Gearbox. I did convert it into a DMR, It comes with the Scope, Bipod, and Silencer. The Scope and Bipod are both tan and give it a great look in the field. It has a brand new JBU Metal Teeth Piston, M120 Spring, Systema Silent Piston Head, and a 6.03 Prometheus Tight Bore. It is shooting around 465 FPS, Perfect for any field sniper. It is such a fun gun to shoot people with. I will throw in 2 90 round EMAGS with it. I will take 335 for it, its inn really good shape and hasn't broke at all, I haven't used it that much since I got my new m4. I think this gun will be perfect for you!! It comes with the original carrying handle in the original box also.
  9. I have a KWA M4 RIS converted into a DMR with a Scope, Suppressor, and Bipod. The Internal upgrades include Metal Teeth JBU Piston, Systema Silent Piston Head, M120 Spring, and a 6.03 Prometheus Tight Bore Barrel. It was chronoed at around 470 FPS. I think it is a great deal for both of us because I have been really wanting a King Arms GBB M4.
  10. I have a KWA M4 RIS that I converted into a DMR with a Metal Teeth JBU Piston, Systema Silent Piston Head, M120 spring and a 6.03 Prometheus Tight Bore. I will throw in the scope and bipod and a Long Silencer also with it. I have been wanting a King Arms GBB M4 and I think this is a great deal for us both.
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