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    Hello. I have been playing paintball for like three years now, but I'm looking forward to join the sport of Airsoft, since I will like to have that option in case I don't have the paintball one. I do have experience on Airsoft, although very little. I have only played with very cheap, pump action pistols and shotguns (Most of them no more expensive than $10 USD). Other than that I know nothing about airsoft. I posted my gun question on the "which gun?" thread, although no one has answered it jet.
  2. I really don't know anything about airsoft and I only have experience with cheap pump-action pistols and short shotgun looking guns, but looking forward to get into airsoft. I play paintball but paintballs are expensive and I will like to have the airsoft option. Also, I don't know what does the law of my area says about airsoft (I live in Guadalajara, JAL. Mexico) but I don't think there should be any problem, since I have mil-sim looking paintball markers. 1. Price Range Probably $200-$250 but I will like to keep it cheaper than that for starters. If I really get into the sport I'll like to go expensive. It's okay if you show me a $300 gun. 2. Play Style Probably Assault. 3. Play Area Wooded area, sometimes abandoned house. 4. Style Preference AK styles are my favorite styles, better if it is AEK-971 or AK-102. I also like xM8, SCAR (either L or H is good) or ACR. Also, are there different bb's calibers? because I think I have seen at least two different calibers (2mm and 6mm I think, and I think I can only buy form the 2mm).
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