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  1. A TM 1911 or Hi Capa is going to be the bets bet. Yes it's more expensive, but it will always out perform a WE or KJW and will last years. I just sold my TM Hi Capa to it's now fourth owner. The gun is at least six years old and runs like a champ. In the end you'll save money by going TM.
  2. Hahaha, words of wisdom there. If it's a WE the best thing you can do is get a reaps bucking and a tight bore barrel. Or sell it and buy a TM. If it's a TM there is much you can do with it. I mean A LOT of stuff.
  3. Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 is the best handgun there is. Stock, upgraded, in pieces its still outperforms and other pistol. Plus it has amazing versatility to make it a race gun, offensive handgun or solid, low profile side arm that can reach out as far as your primary. That gun is amazing.
  4. Adjust your hop up to have more hop. If that doesn't work, disassemble it and look at a full guide on youtube on how to PROPERLY reassemble it. Then try again. It could also be the floating valve spring inside the loading nozzle. If that's missing then you won't fire a bb.
  5. In general, nothing for $30 is going to perform well or last long. There may be a few exceptions, but I have no idea what they would be. Guns in that price range are going to be hit or miss. You would really do best to save up more money and get something more solid. In the end that will save you money. If you spend $100 and get a good gun that'll last you a couple years or buy a $30 dollar gun that lasts for a month in the end that adds up to $360... And you'll get better performance for the $100 gun.
  6. Check your loading nozzle and see if it's cracked. That will kill your gas efficiency. Also check the o-ring on the piston head. If it is missing not sealing properly then that will also kill your gas efficiency.
  7. In addition to the above stated, you may need a stiffer loading nozzle spring.
  8. IPSC Holsters work the best. They fit any pistol, hold the gun securely and draw quickly. The also won't wear out the finish on your slide like kydex will.
  9. The most reliable and effective manner is dremeling down the BBU. PM me and I'll shoot you a link to an effective guide.
  10. Get a TM Hi Capa 5.1. Most accurate and best range of any stock handgun.
  11. No, not immediately. It will last probably indefinitely. Unless you buy a crappy slide, like a Guarder. Then it will.
  12. Why hating on the plastic slide? They can go a lot longer than you think they can. Everyone rags on TM for plastic slides and uses that as an argument as why not to buy one. The slide will last quite a while, especially if you are using it as a secondary. Now, to answer your question, well, actually not yet. You don't want a Guarder slide. Trust me. You'll have fitment issues so bad... awful. If you're on a budget for slide or if you're not, I would go with a ProG4 slide. They are some of THE highest quality slides, at Guarder prices. Drop in fit, amazing looks, and $85 shipped. Now, to answer your question. I ran the plastic barrel with my metal slide for about 10,000 rounds and have had no issue. It may break eventually, but right off the bat it is definitely not something you need. Because of the style of the hi capa even a metal barrel over thousands of rounds will wear down. The only way to completely avoid this would to get a fixed barrel like the one by Airsoft Surgeon. Fortunately ProG4 and AS are the same and their barrels are compatible with their slides. So, in conclusion, you don't need a metal slide for a while, and when you do get one you don't need a metal barrel for a while, and when you do get one you're going to want to get fixed barrel. Just my $0.02.
  13. Hold down the slide lock as you fire.
  14. Look at your manual... seriously takes like 2 min. Anyway, its part of the hopup unit
  15. Bit of a what gun post, but... I would very much advise you to save up the extra bucks and get a TM. The Hi Capas are FANTASTIC, hands down the best pistol on the market. If you're wanting to keep it cheap, look on forums and classifieds to see if you can pick one up used. I know I scored mine for $80.
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