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  1. if you have the time and patience you can make the gun an easy 3-5 pounds lighter. once you get the barrel out take the body/stock of the gun and take all the screws out along with the butt pad and cheek rest then open the body up in two pieces and remove the weights stashed in there
  2. no he didn't... but I just took it out and shot it and it's still doing the same thing that it was before.
  3. well she shoots again. the guy at my local airsoft store replaced the fused and the gun cycles again but I haven't had a chance to actually shoot it and see if the feeding problem has been resolved...
  4. there is no noise at all... if I took it to my local airsoft store do you think they could fix it for less than $50???
  5. I tried shooting it with many different settings of the hop up. then last night I took a paper towel with silicon oil and cleaned the barrel out some and a bunch of black stuff kept getting on the paper towels. I quit doing that and went and shot and it did the same thing until it quit working. I pulled thee trigger and it wouldn't do anything. acted like the battery wasn't connected so I tried multiple batteries that I had already charged and still nothing...
  6. ok, so my friend had been telling me about this g36c he had, and how he didn't know how to load it and shoot it and stuff, do I picked it up from him today to get the battery charged and get the mag loaded and get the gun "working" when I went to shoot it, it would shoot like normal for a few shots, then cycle but not fire a bb, then all of a sudden 2-4 bbs would come out with a single trigger pull/cycle. I honestly don't know what to do. I guess it might just be the mag or maybe it's something else... I'm not a pro technician or anything, but I know how to open a gun up and stuff so if it just needs to be cleaned somehow I could do that... I don't know what brand the gun is if it makes any difference but I know the battery that came with it says jgworks but I can't find a brand on the gun itself... any help is appreciated, thanks!!!
  7. well, you may be one of those guys that likes everything proper and attached right, but you could always use zipties or electrical tape to hold a flashlight on...thats what I do. I got a 3 pack of smaller LED flashlights for christmas so I ziptied two of them to my handgaurd. or, you could find some rail segments and possibly drill the screw into the handgaurd to attach the rails for a grip of flashlight or anything else. I know you may not want to do that handgaurd and I wouldn't blame you, but it would probably work.
  8. Thanks a lot!! But when I watched the video it said something about a barrel spacer... I saw what it looked like but I don't know where the one I should have is. I suspect that it came out when I pulled the hop up off the first time... So would it be a good idea to buy a new hopup also since I can't find that piece(I had been thinking about getting another one because the stock one sucks)??
  9. yea I think that's the piece but I'm not good with names of stuff. I found a wayto put it back onto the inner barrel with a groove that was on the bucking. but then when I went to slide the plastic hop up unit over it, the bucking liked to slide out of place...I test fired it and the bucking or whatever caught a bb and jammed the gun like you said. so now that I know the problem, what can I do about it? it seems like the bucking is a little deformed so should I buy a bucking, replace the hop up, or what? and thanks for the help!!
  10. I got the bew dboys m4 cqb sd for christmas this year. I took the two recievers apart one time and tried to take out the barrel and hop up. I pulled the hop up but it wouldn't wuite come off, so I pushed it back to it's regular place. Today I webt to shoot it and the bb's wouldn't load even though I knew the mags worked right. I notice somethibg black in the hop up. I came back inside and split the receivers apart and took an unjamming rod and trued to push the black peice out. It wouldn't come out so I pulled the hop up and it came off, along with a rubber black clyndrical thing. I put the hop up back on, and shot it but it only shot about 30 feet, at all settings of the hop up. What can I do to fix this??
  11. airsoft megastore has a 10 pack of elite force 140 round mid caps for about $60...seen some good stuff on elite force but I havent rele chacked in to them that much either...but heres a link http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/5318-MAG-H...-Magazines.aspx hope this helped
  12. yea im done with it. when I opened the gearbox the spring popped out and sent everything flying. so I just put all the gearbox stuff in a ziploc bag and put the rest of the gun back together so att least it still looks pretty good. lol
  13. so, we opened the gun up, and I saw the plastic gearbox. I plugged the battery up and pulled the trigger and it clicked. then I pulled the spring back for when you single fire it from that and pulled the trigger and it cycled 2-3 times. now evry now and then wen I pull the trigger it will cycle a few times and other times it just clicks. on the other hand, I have no idea what most of the stuff in the gearbox is. I kno the motor and spring but thats about it.
  14. yea when he told me about it when he got it I told him he should have got a jg g36c for like 118$ or watever. even if I could possibly open it up and find the problem, would I be able to get parts for it?
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