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  1. I just saw it and said ehh what the the heck why not haha its not a primary weapon for me. iv got a modified king arms m4 that I absolutely love. I just thought itd be kinda fun to beat the crap out of
  2. Uhhhh it the HK G36c. brand spankin new in box. it almost feels to light to be a quality gun hahaha. umm its that 100 dollar one you can basically get anywhere
  3. So I just picked up a G36c from a pawn shop for 70 bucks brand new, I knew they were cheap but I thought ehh what the heck itll be fun to beat up. so anybody have any experience with them? how the hold up in cqb and such?
  4. Okay ill have to give that a look too, Iv got a friend who knows alot more than me about the gearbox and stuff, so I don't like to take my gear box apart. but iv got spring break starting tomorrow so we are gonna have a fixing session cause his gear box cracked. but thank you to all who have contributed, I really appreciate it. keep em coming!
  5. Oh okay, it just said in the instructions that is preferable to use a spare, but the thing with the hop up is I have taken it fully apart and it seems fine. (seems) and its a brand new gun only about 2 months old with about 800 rounds through it, id think they would be better quality wouldnt they? and im sorry for everybody whos responding im new at this. I was big into paintball but that got too expensive.
  6. Thanks, I havent had a chance to try it yet because im at work so I don't know if the O-ring thing will work but if I don't have a spair cylinder what should I put it on to heat up?
  7. Hey so iv got this King Arms M4A1, I saw all the reviews and they came with a metal body but for some reason mine has a plastic body. so one day after playing in 30 degree weather I bought a metal body from a friend for 20 bucks. every thing seemed to go back together perfectly. when I was changing it out I did take apart my gear box but everything in there seemed to go together find as well. I noticed after I put the metal body on that it was feeding only about every 3rd or 4th bb and the fps dropped from about 450 to maybe 250. so I decided to put the plastic body back on and its doing the same thing so im thinking iv got a leak somewhere. I checked the air nozzle and it doesnt seem to have a crack from the outside of the gearbox. and as far as the feeding...... haha I have no idea whats going on. Thanks for the help
  8. sorry I a newbie at this, I just got out of paintball cuz it was too expensive, but I fixed it myself thanks for trying to help
  9. the box says its by Colt, M4 carbine. its completely stock. its actually kinda weird because I got it from sportsauthority. an unlike most of their guns its got 445 fps which I was really suprised. but iv started to take it apart and it looks like its coming from where the barrel goes into the body
  10. I was very angry, I was in my workshop and my gun fell off the counter and hit the floor Now the barrel seems loose and not just the inner barrel but the outer and I'm afraid something is broken. Can anybody give me advice as to how to fix it?
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