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  1. Thanks! I just wish I had legit reference pictures for this and not just a few pictures of my dad standing around a big table with delta boys :/
  2. I'm from new york city so only ACU works here haha but where I play, its bright green brush, so Woodland works best.
  3. I agree. Special Forces are issued their own gear, but its not uncommon to see some of them buying their own gear to fit the requirements of the mission. I don't follow that theory, because theyre usually deployed only about 2-3 months at a time, so spending their own money to use it a few times is illogical to them, but if you need it, why not? I only run this kit at milsim games along with the rest of my team, though. And depending on the unit, grunts have the same freedoms. I know guys that bought other gear to use. They don't always need it as much as SF does, but its there. 90% of this stuff is my dads that he used during the described time frame (04-05) so instead of going with the fad of a modern Multicam SF kit, I just stuck with a kit I was familiar with.
  4. Decided on a kit based on the guys my dad knew/worked with in Iraq in 04-05. No reference pics were used because I can't find any, I got info purely from word of mouth from a family friend that was SF at that time. He (like 99% of SF) has no clue what gear he had, so it made it even harder to find this stuff. But, a simple "was this your vest" got the correct answer, and the rest I got from a few pictures of the SF headquarters my dad went to in Baghdad. RAID Modded DCU combat shirt (hand-made for authenticity, pics of my dad's company gunners with these confirmed it) EI CIRAS, Land, MJK (I have a ref pic of a Land being used, and the MAR version doesn't fit me well at all) -EI Mag pouches -SDS Woodland canteen pouch, weapon catch and mag pouch -brandless M14 mags, IFAK and utility -conderp M60 and double pistol -Camelbak Sabre MSA ACH w/ Rhino base/arm and MS2000 pre-blue strobe Replica comtacs for weekend games, real comtacs for OPs ESS goggles Shemagh from the sandbox PTT into Garmin Rino120 Gerber Automatic Oakley gloves Oakley Sabot shoes KWA SR.7 Block 1 M4 w/ real Aimpoint, Surefire and soon to be, real PEQ2 Glock 19 w/ Serpa (not kosher but I have no $ for a M92) Still need to get MBITR pouch with fake PRC152 to put a Wouxun in it, and more Eagle stuff. Also, if anyone has reference pics of this time frame, please post.
  5. On the back panel on the inside there should be a big tan or green tag that has ALLLL the information on it with the big eagle logo. That should be a dead give away. How much did you pay for it? Any pics?
  6. I think I saw this on MP.net, these are Rangers if I'm not mistaken. Looks to be same time period though. Great find.
  7. Note: if this needs to be moved elsewhere, please do so. I don't know which board to post this in. Sup ASF, doing another SF kit, but something specific, and I need pics to help Army SF, Iraq, 2004/2005. If my dad and his friend are right, I should have raid modded DCUs, Ciras, ACH, block 1 stuff, and a few other things. Looking for pics to help back this up, since all the SF guys I know have no clue what gear is. If this doesnt match the time frame, please help provide pictures to when they used this gear, and what they used in 04/05. Pics of what I have will probably be up later.
  8. Looking to start a MilSim team for those out on the Island to compete with/play with other teams. Kit will be based on 2004 Special Forces in Iraq (DCUs, Ciras, Block 1). Close impression is suggested but not required. Only requirements being a set of DCUs (to help us look organized) and a mature and experienced level of playing and knowledge. Only patches that will be made are IR callsigns, which will be chosen by you (using X-00 system). Please contact me via this thread, PM, my TF495 account or on my personal facebook linked below. Serious inquiries only. http://www.facebook.com/thedominosmithster TF495 username: wintersun77
  9. Looking to buy Emerson Multicam Gen-2 combat set (with the white/tan torso) with pads and all And a Toyko Marui FN Five-Seven. Both these items are only available in China and I don't wanna pay an extra $50+ for shipping. I can do Paypal, and will pay for shipping.
  10. I confess, I am not worthy! Please, take my gear Haha thanks.
  11. Broadened my options and am looking at a TAG Banshee plate carrier. Never saw any pics of SF with these but my friend has one and I need to say it's very comfortable, and for the price, seems well worth it. If anyone can throw up some pics if they have any, that'd be cool.
  12. I was looking at a cheap replica lol
  13. How so? I can't find a decent FAPC so I might just get the JPC until I can afford a mayflower.
  14. I heard a lot about mayflower recently, I might consider a few things from them. And I tried on my friends JPC, and I didn't like how high up it was on me. it's almost like a tactical bra. I think I'll go with the Anvis, being that the Wilcox is $400+ and I found an anvis for $130, plus I need money for my own helmet, as well as an Eclan DR.
  15. Bump Made a decision, gunna update my gear to modern terms. Got a check for $1,000 and want a light but functional loadout. I'm thinking... Keeping my ACH with all the stuff on it Crye Gen 3 Multicam combat set FAPC with cummerbund M4 with DD rail Hitman, if you're reading this, here's your time to shine haha. On a related note, I noticed at local games, compared to the teams with matching, modern gear, I'm called upon and complimented on my gear, hearing the usual "you went all out," or "you look so legit," despite my gear being a few years obsolete by modern standards. It makes me wonder why I seem more "real" than the full teams with matching uniforms/carriers from a more modern period.
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