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  1. Looking to upgrade my stock gg gr 15 I was reading the Cylinder Head w/ Double O-ring by Matrix (Ver. 2) can give me a good compression of 30+ FPS Pershot. and would a m110 Spring be good. not too much strain of moter. and for the Air Brake Nozzle Any Recommendations >
  2. hello guys ive been thinking about getting a new sniper rifle and I was wondering which is good I have to Sr's in my mind the A&K Svd. Gen 2 . I was also looking at a bar 10 but I don't feel like putting 300 dollars for parts in a gun. so in ur opinion whats the most reliable sniper rifle out there that are cheap to upgrade I don't care what kind it is. Sv98-m24 anything I just need your help and your openion means alot to me so yeah. did I mention I will be carrying it on my back .. I will be using my GG Gr15 XL And The Other SR at the sometime. weight doesn't matter im 6'2 190 Pounds ... and in does alot of weight take its toll later on the day? share your experiences and observations please. Should I just upgrade my GG With m110 and a Scope. (I have a 455mm 6.03 Tbb already.) Thats all Thanks Looking to hear from you guys soon =)
  3. So I just started airsofting about 2 months ago. I currently own a JG Ak 47 Tactical. I know it Fails =( I wont to know what should I upgrade? Please Let me Know. People Say it Shoots 400 Fps Other Crono's Say 370-380. im looking for accuracy. I only play field. My Moter I Feel is Kinda Weak. but I don't wanna change that at the moment because I don't have 100 Dollars For a Full Tuneup Kit. Any Help =( Tight Bore Barrel? And Possibly new Spring?
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