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  1. UPDATE: -Surefire Suppressor SOLD -Tornado Grenades SOLD -DPMS Body SOLD -E1 G36 SOLD -P90 SPF -Scar L SPF -M249 SPF Feel free to email, text, or PM me with any additional questions.
  2. Sorry, I'd much prefer to keep it all together. Ill let you know if anything changes though.
  3. Alright guys, going all in on this one, and I need your help to make it happen. I have been entranced by a beautiful Polarstar package, and need to liquidate pretty much my entire collection in order to afford it. I will work my way price wise lowest first all the way down to my baby at the bottom, so stay tuned all the way through. *I am generally open to negotiations, but please no lowballing me. It's just rude given how much time I spend on this thread* ***I AM interested in trades, but it must be for high end cqb ready guns, VFC preferred. Also, looking for a JPC replica for myself. Go ahead and offer, the worst I'll do is say no*** --First, I have an assortment of vests that I have used then upgraded from. I take good care of my kit, and it's all in good condition. -Condor mesh hydration vest. Retail: $42 Yours for $25 -Condor modular chest set. Retail: $47 Yours for $30 (has been slightly modified, ask for details): -Generic triple closed top pouch. Holds 6 mags. $10 -Generic Vertical Utility Pouch. $5 -Generic Admin. Panel with 2x pistol pouch, map pouch. $10 -NIB: Dboys M4 VN style hi-cap mags, $10 each, $15 for both. -NIB: Matrix Ergo Grip. Fits M4 grip. $10 -NIB: Surefire QD Suppressor. Retail $70, Yours for$50 OBO -Used: Tornado Grenades. I have 2 timers, one yellow, one UN blue. They will come with spare pins and plenty of oil. Retail $100, let’s start these at $80 OBO. I could do some package deal if you wanted both. --Now to the Fun Stuff! The Guns! -DPMS Arms M4 Commando Body. I gutted it for some spare internals. Full body kit missing only the mag release. Yours for $20. -Echo 1 G36c. Completely stock, no mag with it. Yours for $50. -WE Hi-Capa 5.1 Dark Dragon. This is the split slide version. Comes with 2 mags, 30rd capacity, very accurate. Retails for $155 Including spare mag, Asking $100 OBO. -NIB: Aim/Matrix Brand MP5 SMG. Mystery box loss on my part: your gain. Only removed from box for pictures. Retails $140, Yours for $115 (shipped) *Or $200 (shipped) package deal with Aim M4 below* -NIB: Aim/Matrix Brand LiPo Ready M4. Another Mystery box loss, but more winning for you all! Also only removed from box for pictures. Retails $160, Yours for $120 (shipped) *Or $200 (shipped) package deal with the Aim MP5 above* -Used: Echo 1 P90/E90. Stock P90, minus downgraded spring to shoot under 350fps. Painted woodland camo with Krylon (matte sealant applied) Gentle use, this had been my backup to my Scar-L, only fielded twice. Comes with 2 midcaps and 1 hicap. I have 2 molle mag pouches for it, one acu one black, I will include at no charge if I'm able to find them. Retails for $170, yours for $130 OBO. -Used: Dboys Scar-L/Mk16. This gun has been my workhorse since around 6 months prior to my 1st Op: Sudden Strike IV (2010) Been hitting hard ever since. Upgraded with Madbull M110 blue spring around a year ago. Has KWA 6.04 tbb, Madbull bucking, and amp hi-torque. Comes with OD rail covers, OD Scar Grip-pod, and Gemtec Suppressor. Comes with Scar barrel extension and I can include Madbull 509mm 6.03 tbb if desired. (currently setup without barrel extension). Bought for $190, spent about $125 on upgrades ($315 in the gun) My asking price is $175 OBO. -Used: Bravo RDW Fully stock, and one helluva little gun. Just chrono'd it at Fox, 380+/- 5fps. Fully stock, this gun shoots abnormally far for stock, matching my teammates' KWA who has a Prommy in it. This gun retails at $230, but I can wait to sell this one as I have become attached to it, so I'm pricing it $200 firm. Lots of fond moments at night games with this gun. -Used: KWA MP9 railed. Black version, however I removed and painted the Upper Tan. Fully stock, however I believe it needs new recoil spring. About 1/10 shots, bolt doesn't slide all the way forward. Literally just push it forward a hair then you're good to go. I haven't had this problem in full auto ever. Retails for $215, Yours for $160. -Used: STAR M249 MKII. This big guy weighs 8lbs unloaded, and comes with autowinding box mag. The box mag has been rewired to a pressure switch, and holds around 2,500 rounds, as well as large type batteries. Also rewired to large connector. I can include large 9.6v battery for additional $10. I've used this gun once since being tuned up by Fox Airsoft, and is skirmish ready. Retails for $595, Yours for $250 OBO. Make me any reasonable offer on this one and its yours, It's taking up way too much space right now. -The Pièce de Résistance. This here is my baby. I am reluctant to sell, however If that's what it takes to obtain my goal, it'll be worth it. So here she it: Fully Custom G&P SR-25 DMR. The only thing stock it the G&P body. Comes with 5 midcaps: 1 regular, 4 7.62Pmags She comes with a Prometheus 509mm 6.03 tbb, r-hopped with an m-nub. Great compression with a max deviation of 4fps, shooting at an average of 458fps with .2s. G&P version 2.5 gearbox replaced with standard V2 gearbox. Steel standard ratio gears, Echo1 Ultra Torque motor, Modify Type 0 Cylinder, Pom Piston with head. Also within her body rests the last gen of the Raptor Mosfet (can't remember if gen 3 or 4, but it was from last shipment before AWS closed). All of this sent out to be professionally installed and tuned. The gun itself runs $585, the scope is $90. Technician parts and labor was $200. $70 for the tbb. $50 for the r-hop m-nub and install. $115 for the Raptor Mosfet. $65 motor. $45 for the bipod and rail covers. $140 for extra mags. Total of $1360 into this gun. Looking around the $750 mark, that's 45% OFF!!!. I can negotiate well if you are willing to pay cash in hand. Trust me this gun is worth it, with confirmed kills at the 300' mark. Please don't hesitate to ask for more pictures or details. The more items you buy, the better deals I can offer to you. Feel free to reply here, email (heck10306<DON'T POST EMAIL ADDRESSES>msn(dot)com) or text me (7two0eight7nine4six8four). My name is Jordan. Thank you for taking the time of going through all of this, I spend a good deal of time on this.
  4. I'll take a look, but I've got my sights set on this scar h with 3 uppers
  5. Looking to trade for high end cqb ready gun. -I have an SR-25, fully custom to DMR specs, shooting 448 (3fps deviation). Gun has prommy 6.03 tbb r-hopped, fully custom internals, G&P body, and Raptor Mosfet. -Also for trade, I have the STAR M249 lmg. Used once since tune up at local shop, firing great. -Also for sale, Aim brand M4 and MP5. $120 Shipped for either, $200 Shipped for both. I really need to trade or sell either or both to fund a P* package which has entranced me. Please text me (seven2zero8seven9four6eight4) for pictures or more details.
  6. Would you do $20+shipping for #4 the multicam weapons catch?
  7. Hi, I have a spare butt plate and the stock barrel extent ion that I'm willing to sell. If you're still interested shoot me an email at heck10306<AT>msn.com . Thanks!
  8. Hi, I have a black non-magnified acog scope, the type with the backup iron sights on top. Red/Green dot with fresh batteries, 2 birghtness levels each. Comes in foam padded box. Email me at heck10306<AT>msn.com for fastest reply. Picture below:
  9. I have a WE 5.1 HiCapa with 2 mags total. Original Retail was $120 for the pistol and $35 for the mags. I can provide pictures if you're interested.
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