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  1. Do people even watch these:
  2. Pic time. So my main loadout is somewhere between Ranger and Cag now: In the future I wouldn't mind a JPC as well, but no rush. FCPC is awesome. === Here is a slightly NSWish loadout (same carrier): Ideally, I'll eventually get a carrier in AOR1 and replace the mount on the 2001 to a l2g05. === My woodland loadout. I also run it with AOR2 or a combo of that and woodland. Again a hint of MARSOC but not close enough to call it that: Not really trying to change this up much. === And finally my earlier SEAL loadout which has a long way to go. Excuse the helmet tilt, I was tired of changing: This has plenty of room for improvement, but I don't run DCU all that much. Plenty to change and get to make it better. I'd also like to do an FBI ERT type loadout in the future involving RG Cryes and an RG JPC. Long term though.
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