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  1. Do those CA hicaps also work in JGs? I'm kinda in need of a bunch of hicaps. Shoot me a PM or something.
  2. PM'd (I think, unless the site derped, check to make sure you got it, if not then PM me)
  3. Is that an AK hopup I see in there? I've been looking around for a used one to mod into my MP40 for a while. Would it be for sale?
  4. I have a tan G&G SCAR-L. Only ever been gamed once. The motor that G&G put in it was a lemon and burnt out. Works fine with other motors, but I don't have a spare and I don't like the gun. I am, however, in love with that M60. Something to consider? Photos available upon request. PM me.
  5. Interested in one of those thompson grips, the thompson lower, and the M14 heat shield. Could I get a shipping quote for all that stuff to 04055? Also, do you have the selector level for an M14? You seem to have a lot of spare M14 parts, and I need one.
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