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  1. I own a CA M15A4 carbine and I would like to replace the handguard with one that has rails for me to mount. What should I buy?
  2. Thank you for all the help. billb90
  3. I have a carbine with a full stock, and I want to replace it. There is no buffer tube because my gun came with a full stock. What would I need to buy? Do I need a kit or just a tube..
  4. Did you really just recommend me a $150 silencer? btw, I have the carbine not the the rifle.
  5. Every online site I see, they are sold out. AirsoftGI is the only one who has them in stock and the shipping to my house is about 15 which is more expensive than the gun.
  6. Will the Magpul Moe stock fit on my CA M15A4 Carbine?
  7. What is so special about magpul handguards and stocks? Is it the material or? I am actually getting to stock for my Ca M15am4 carbine because I hate the full stock.
  8. I just want a high-quality mag for good money. I don't really know the difference. I just don't want to experience problems because I cheaped (don't think it is a word) on a mag. I would like the most bang for my buck.
  9. If not, can you recommend a good mag for me. http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-M4-PMAG75-BK.htm
  10. Would you recommend one of these bb's? WOuld it be better to strecth it out or buy a new one?
  11. 1. I don't know the stock ROF and it didn't come with a battery so I am using the battery I upgraded on my older Ak. It is a Tenergy NiMH 3800mAh 9.6v 2. Stock FPS is 350 with .2's 3. My gun does have a full stock. I prefer crane stocks and may be upgrading in far future. 4. Yes. I am not very comfortable about taking my gun apart so a lot of my work may be done through star. Also, if I got the 6.01, would I need anything else with it because I am scared of the jamming I heard about from someone else.
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