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  1. I'm looking for a replica jpc, or banshee or anything of the sort. Mainly just smaller fit PCs must be tan or any other tan color such as CB, unless its a really good deal I'll take a look at Multicam. Thanks guys in advanced. feel free to shoot me a pm with offers.
  2. barrel found also looking for a tan rvg
  3. looking for tan ladder rail covers and a 4 inch barrel extension. need them asap. thanks
  4. WE hi cappa with 7 mags. pm me if interested. willing to sell for cheap
  5. dmoose


    mods please close
  6. looking for a Harris style bipod must be able to mount to rails. may consider other styles but would need them for cheap.
  7. G19 has been found. still looking for everything else
  8. still looking for everything
  9. WTB/WTTF Trademarked G19 with a few mags. must work perfectly. MOE pistol grip CB must come with all mounting hardware Harris style bipod mounting for RIs H harness 4 magpuls m4 DMR mags 6ish
  10. I have a WE 5.1 with 7 mags pm me if interested
  11. thought it was a fair price. sold one for 120 without any pouches or anything.
  12. I will be selling some later this week pm me if you are still looking on thursday
  13. I have a WE hicappa with 7 mags. pm me if interesed.
  14. T tiger did that. from what I have heard he no longer does
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