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  1. Hello there, as my name suggests I am new to airsofting but am trying it out. I havent had much experience with any gun. The gun will be used mostly for target practice but might be used for airsoft matches further down the road. I want something with a higher fps (doesnt have to be EXTREMEly high). The gun price has to include a scope, possibly a bipod but not necessarily needing one. 1. Price range: Around $200 but if there is something better for cheaper please let me know 2. Play style: Sniper, again im new so any but mainly sniping. 3. Play area: Urban, neighborhood, outdoors only 4. Style Preference: sniper with a longer barrel, good stock(not metal but a sturdy plastic), spring powered. I was looking into the tsd sd97 and it looked alright but I have no idea because I don't have much experience. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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