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  1. I definetly agree that It can be possible, but these guns are made with crap plastics and these guns are as not good as you thinking of.
  2. This is a really problem in game our country,Korea set the gun's power exactly like this for 14~ yrs old->0.14J for 20~ yrs old->0.2J Every gamer hates the rule and internet news reporter says very overstated. 'Illegal gun tuning...can kill people' 'Same as the REAL gun...not a toy' WHAT?!what the f***? Do you think those zinc inner barrel can endure 5.56 or 9mm or something? As a result, innocent gamers go to police station and lose their guns. This happening was caused in mamy years ago by elementary school students. Usually, most of them are bo-shiznit and of course, they play games without goggles! I want to ask you guys! Can you play airsoft games with these 0.14J guns?
  3. Hello, I'm going to upgrade my A&K Dragunov and I would like to upgrade it to 550~600fps. I searched millions of times but I couldn't find the way. In my opinion,will M170 spring be a good chance with 550~600? I would be appreciated to hear your opinion. thanks (Sorry for my bad English. I'm Korean)
  4. Hello I'm going to upgrade my g18c with mosfet and a lipo.(About 250fps. I don't want so much power.) But the problem is that will mosfet fit in that small gun and Is 7.4v lipo good choice? please send me a reply and if you don't understand correctly I'll reply. (Because I'm Korean,I'm not good at English.Sorry for that)
  5. I like survival and I really need shotgun for now
  6. -Laylax 210 spring (link not available)$18 -Laylax Zero Trigger Set (includes orange piston) link $185 -Laylax Spring Guide link $25 -Laylax Teflon Cylinder link $115 -Laylax Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head link $19 Does this make really 680fps?
  7. I want a high power aeg and I'm planning to buy this gun. It's cheap and has more power than marui"s. Is my choice good or bad?
  8. I heard that someone upgraded to 450fps... or should I buy jg m4 s system?(It's also 450fps)
  9. I registered yesterday and I missed some steps in registeration. How can I fix It?
  10. Hello I registered yesterday I'm interested in AEGs also like TMs. Which is the powerfulest aeg in TM?
  11. I want to know the parts making 700fps (please help me)
  12. Just let me know how to/what parts are needed like pdi or laylax
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