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  1. well the reason I said that is because the guy I had look at it today said that normally if it was sealed correctly the pistol would get stuck from the air having nowhere to go and in turn would start hurting things in the gearbox. yea there's nothing in the barrel he even replaced it when I went to have him chrono it well I saw somewhere that it was 400fps stock but either way it's down to 100-200 fps at the moment =/
  2. yea I actually just did that and its moving fine, (my battery is low so its not completing cycling all the time) but you're the 3rd person to mention the air nozzle, is that the same as the cylinder head? or a completely different part? I havent messed with airsoft since I got back from training sorry if I sound like an idiot
  3. I just got a vfc scar-l from a friend. and everything works but I went to chrono it today and it was only shooting about 230 fps. we disassembled it and found that the bucking was torn so I replaced that with a brand new one. after that we chronoed it again and it was at 147 fps! when you put your finger over the end of the barrel the air comes through the magwell, does that mean I need to change my piston head or what? I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be shooting at its stock 400fps. help?
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