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  1. Thank god for this thread! I’m an experienced paintballer who has started playing at a local indoor airsoft facility during the winter months. I’ve been using the rentals (M4’s) which feel freaking huge. I want to pick up a high quality SMG because I hate stocks, tend to run forward a lot and will frequently switch hands when shooting. I like the MP5K but they seem to be out of stock everywhere. So are my requirements: -MUST have an FPS under 350. This is strictly enforced! -I’ll mostly be shooting 80ft on semi auto. -No stock or a stock that can be removed. I’ll consider a bull pup if it’s very short. -Mag size of at least 50 or so. -Good quality. I won’t be upgrading. Just want the thing to consistently work. Price is not an issue but prefer to stay under $400. Any advice is greatly appreciated because I'm simply lost with the number of options out there.
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