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  1. I must say, the shims actually made the gun perform better than it did before I stopped using it originally. a handy little trick to remember for future issues with gas guns.
  2. ah, good to know about it only being supported on one side. I'll remember that when I get new mags. the loading wasn't what broke it on mine. I had this gun before I got a job and training as a mechanic, and would over tighten everything, including that screw. oops ;-D
  3. figured it out finally! it was my mags. the plastic around the screws at the bottom of the mag shell was cracked (on all 3 mags), and was preventing the internal part of the mag from sitting high enough to the nozzle. I took 2 aeg shims and put them between the bottom of the metal internal part of the mag and the shell, and now it shoots perfectly. not sure why this wasn't an issue before I took my gun back out of the closet, but it works so im not complaining. going to order some more mags (and shells if I can find any in stock) soon, not expecting the shells on my current mags to hold up much longer in their current condition.
  4. I did lube the nozzle o-ring. the valve o-rings are rectangular in shape, but in good condition. they've been rectangular since I purchased them 2 years ago, no issues. while I will temper the spring, I don't feel that it is the issue. right now my best guess is that something is preventing the mag from releasing enough gas when firing (possibly something interfering with the firing pin?). I have weak shots, yet I still get a lot of them, leading me to believe that it's not a gas efficiency problem with my mags. I may try swapping lowers for a few minutes with my friend who has a g39 to see if I can at least narrow it down to the trigger group. if his gives me the same problem, then I know its not an issue with my lower receiver.
  5. I'm also having this same issue. same as you, I hadn't used it in many months. went to shoot, and had low rof, shorter recoil distance (frequently failing to chamber the next bb), and near the end of a mag the bolt would stop and release the gas in the mag. so far I've replaced the hammer/trigger/firing pin/nozzle assembly/and valve locker with ratech parts, and stretched the recoil spring to strengthen it again (I apparently left the bolt locked back when it was unused for 2 months), and it's still doing the same thing. also tested with 3 different mags, lubed their o-rings, and still can't figure anything out. any updates on how you fixed yours? or is it still not working?
  6. just got the gun. so far I'm impressed. -light weight, but not so light that it feels fake -solid material. the externals are sturdy, no movement between parts/rattling. it feels like my we g39c -crisp trigger response. it will be another day until I can wire it to deans and use my 9.6 batteries, but even with my old 8.4 it has a good trigger response and decent rof. also has a nice sound to it. it doesnt sound strained, just a nice clean sound. -easy to disassemble. and the flash hider was surprisingly easy to remove, not very strong glue at all. inner barrel is not welded as some people have experienced. currently have a short outer barrel extension and a suppressor installed. looks very sexy. -so far I have tested a flash mag and g&g midcaps, no issues. I don't expect any with the other mags either (mag, kwa, pmag) thanks for your help guys.
  7. just ordered the 2 tone d3fy edition ics g33, I'll update when it gets here.
  8. good deal, I'll probably go with that then.
  9. so, I found a two tone g33 d3fy edition, which apparently has an extra mag, 6 month warranty and a 6.04 tbb (which is one upgrade I was planning on) for around 230. anyone know anything about these "D3FY" series aeg's? sounds like a good deal, but I want to make sure there's not a catch to this.
  10. sounds like ics would be the best option for me. pretty sure I was holding the "high end" ares, $300+, still didn't like it. and I definitely don't need blowback, just one more thing to have to mess with
  11. just not a fan of jg in general. plus I want unique externals like on the g33.
  12. thanks for the response. I think the issue I've been hearing about ics is not so much that their guns are bad, but the quality control is inconsistent. mostly trying at this point to hear first hand from people who own the g33 to find out if that has been the case with this gun in particular. also leaning away from the ares now, held it again, just felt too wobbly and cheap. perhaps it's just that I'm spoiled on the external quality of my we g39c gbbr.
  13. budget: up to $350 role: cqb, with plans for a bucking/tbb upgrade for good enough range (cqb for my field would be roughly 300 with .25's) upgrade plans: high torque motor, deans connectors, G&G cold weather bucking, 6.04 tbb. going for trigger response more than anything, hence the motor and deans. not using a lipo, planning to use a 9.6. if I pick the umarex, will immediately disable blowback. also plan to add an m4 magwell adapter, although if incompatible or it feeds poorly it is not a dealbreaker. I am currently looking at either the umarex g36cv (ares) in dark earth, or the ics g33 in dark earth. I am a bit stuck, as I have heard multiple contradicting things about both guns (this gun is awesome, vs this gun sucks). I've heard the g33 is hit and miss due to poor quality checks from the manufacturer (either you get a perfect gun, or a piece of crap). on the other hand, I've heard ares, although consistent, does not have the best internals. what's the truth here guys? I'm willing to work with a few minor flaws, I know some great techs for the more complex things. I picked these 2 models mostly because I want a unique looking g36, and I absolutely hate the stock on the echo 1 mtc. I am willing to hear other recommendations, though I have already ruled out the marui, kwa, echo 1, and jg variants of the g36. perhaps there is one I have overlooked? as far as necessary tech work goes, I don't mind replacing a few parts and maybe a small mod or 2 (like the magwell mod I have to do on my uar), but if I HAVE to do something like replace the entire gearbox shell, lets just leave that gun out of the choices. at the moment I am leaning more towards the ics, as I have heard more "love it" stories from people who own it, and from what I've seen it seems more sturdy than the ares, and has a better response and rof out of the box. the ares felt a bit wobbly when I held it. I have not had the chance to shoot either of them.
  14. that 384 is on the standard nozzle, not the "500 fps" nozzle. thats right about where it should be, the original setup was roughly the same fps. I'm not using the npas to increase my fps, just to decrease it when I need to use the gun for cqb.
  15. no camera at the moment, but now that you mention it the nozzle has been moving slightly sluggish lately, so maybe I'll try switching the holders (or replacing them since multiple nozzles are moving the same way). if it's still moving poorly after switching the holders, should I try sanding them just a small amount? the high on the standard nozzle I had put the npas in was about 384, and stayed very consistent. didnt bother chronoing lower settings, I'll mess with it more when I get the extra nozzles.
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