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  1. Help being a subjective word, and it wasn't until today that I actually go an answer to my original question. I just thought that it would be a good idea to ask about where to go get a sniper rifle on the sniper rifle part of the forums.
  2. I have been thinking about getting a sniper rifle, and I want to know what the best sites for getting snipers are. I have heard evike and airsplat is good. are there any better ones?
  3. So if anyone could direct me to a good website with quality guns, I would appreciate it. and if stores like Wal-Mart carry supplies for modding, and someone can direct me to a guide for modding so I don't eviscerate my gun and be unable to put it back together, that would be awesome too.
  4. Thing is, I suck at modding, and my parents aren't willing to drive me to Airsoft stores, only to stores that we have a reason to go to in the first place. Plus the guys I play with also have long range AEGs, simply because they have been working on them longer. I, on the other hand, have no parys to mod or a way to get them, as I have explained with the lack of Airsoft stores in my vicinity. I am thinking sniper rifle because it would be a long-range, very accurate weapon that would allow me, a modding Newbie, to be ably to be taken as a serious long-range and nearly invisible contender instead of the guy who can only blitz people from 40-70 feet. I want to take them out while they are busy with my squad's heavy gunners and other blitzer, while providing covering fire for him if someone pops his head up, or tries a flank.
  5. Well, if the general consensus is that Airsoft stores are few and far between, can I get a few reputable websites? I hear airsplat.com is good, any others?
  6. But that doesn't answer my question about going to a physical store. I don't like ordering over the internet because you can't bring it back, and I don't like giving credit card information over the Internet.
  7. I have seen friends with cheap M200's, or maybe they look similar. either way, I live In central North Carolina, about an hour north-west of Raleigh. I'm thinking about a beginner level rifle because the field I play in is not very long, maybe about 1.5 acres to 2 acres. If there is a middle level one that is not too expensive then that would be excellent. My current cash is around $120, and I am only willing to go around $30 over that. I know it doesn't leave much room, but like I said before, an entry level gun is fine.
  8. Ok, so I have been playing for a while, and I am almost always point because if my AK-47's very good fire rate and accuracy. However, that usually leads to me getting hit first, as I am most visible. So, I am looking for a more covert style as well, so maybe I can be last man standing or the protector of my squad. I am an extremely good shot with firearm rifles, so I was wondering if I could get an Airsoft sniper rifle at a store where I physically go. I don't like ordering over the internet, because you can't bring it back if you have an issue. So I was wondering if anyone knows about any stores that would be able to supply me with maybe a L96 or a M200.
  9. Hey, I'm Daniel. Go by Necron, because T am the bringer of death in Combat arms, and the 681 is cause I felt like adding a few numbers. I started with Airsoft around 2008, with a Beretta M9. I then got a crappy M16 with grav-feed magazine at Wal-Mart for 40 bucks. After I got better, I switched to my current and much loved AK-47. Besides my AK, my current arsenal includes 2 sidearms( Colt 1911 and Beretta M9) and a pump action rifle if I need better range. Ever since I started airsoft I have loved it, going out to war whenever my neighbors host one. As for me personally, I am in high school, a major math/science geek and I love to make stuff blow up. I am studying to become a ham radio operator, so if anyone is near the central NC area, I will post my callsign when I get it.
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