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  1. 1 magazine included with the G26
  2. Glock 26c is still available!
  3. 26 is still available!
  4. bump and a lower price on the 26!
  5. bump with a new lower price!
  6. Bump! Glock 26 is still available!
  7. You could PM me with what you have but I'm not really looking for trades at the moment.
  8. Glock 19 is sold! 26 still available!
  9. replied to both you guys sorry for taking so long
  10. Sorry, no trades at the moment. Don't play as much as I used to so I'm trying to thin out the collection.
  11. Prices include shipping to continuous United States. Feel free to ask any questions. KWA Glock 26C - $80 Includes: Magazine cover/grip extension Action high flow valve in magazine, can switch back to stock valve if buyer wants Blackhawk! right hand serpa holster Gun operates fine in semi auto, fire selection sear is worn so full auto typically only works for a couple rounds.
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